This is an Untitled Post because I couldn’t think of one

Before I begin, I have two random comments:

  1. I would much prefer to be in the UK instead of the US at any given point in time, but there is one thing that the UK doesn’t have that makes me very, very glad to be back. Water pressure when taking a shower. The UK has the weakest water pressure of anywhere I’ve been. They claim it’s a water saving measure, but all it means is you’re in the shower thrice as long just to get your hair wet enough to wash. 
  2. My home has central air conditioning, and part of that includes central heating. For the first time in six years, I turned it on today. Damn, it smelled really bad as the dust burnt off. I ran it for only an hour to take the chill off, but it was nice. I like the cold but sometimes you need a tad bit of warmth.

The second (and final) batch of London pictures are posted, BTW.

Right, then, I’m glad Christmas is over. Not my favourite time of year. First, it lasts too long, starting before Halloween now and it’s infused with Christmas music. I abhor most of the music. Bah, humbug. MFC. All that stuff. It’s become a commercial pile of dreck. I have nothing against the holiday for those who celebrate it for religious reasons and leave the commercialism out, nor do I have anything against it for those who celebrate it solely as a reason to be around friends and/or family. I don’t even mind the exchanging of gifts, but I know for many families it’s turned into a competition to outdo the others. Horseshit.

Speaking of said holiday, I do give gifts to a few people (a dwindling list every year as people are removed and not added). I don’t much care if I get gifts in return and I don’t ever expect anything in return other than an acknowledgement of receipt (not even a thank you). So is it wrong for me to be pissed when people I’ve shipped gifts to don’t even acknowledge receiving something?

Now that we’re getting “full body” scanners at the airports, there are many concerns about privacy. Me, I don’t care so much if someone sees an x-ray style image of me in relative anonymity. The TSA claims This state-of-the-art technology cannot store, print, transmit or save the image. In fact, all machines are delivered to airports with these functions disabled…Each image is automatically deleted from the system after it is cleared by the remotely located security officer. but quite honestly, I just don’t believe them. But as long as my name isn’t associated with my picture I don’t care. But the real question is: are they harmful? Cnet tries to find out both answers in the article posted today. Worth a read.

The best, cutest, kitty video of all time is this one. Best sixteen seconds of your life ever. Except for the part where you’ll watch it a dozen times because it’s so cute. The audio can be muted when it becomes irritating 🙂
Also, corporate pages on FaceBook now have the ability to create names. Shout out to Josh because I want to. And my evil twin Dan. And Prudence in case she’s decided to use the internet.

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