Conan O’Bacon’s Avatar Is Wearing an Umbrella Hat

Conan O’Brien tells NBC to pound sand. He didn’t, of course. He was far more polite and diplomatic but he emphatically stated he no longer wanted to be the host of The Tonight Show on NBC if it appeared at 12:05 AM. Good for him. I think everyone’s on his side except NBC and possibly Leno. I know I am, and I’m not much of a fan, though he’s better than Leno by any measure.

If you’re a fan and lover of bacon, you can never have too much bacon. Sometimes, though you may want bacon flavoured dental-floss, gum-drops, mints, toothpicks, or even gummy bacon or bacon shaped bandages. Well, it’s all here at Archie McPhee’s emporium of bacon items. That’s just a small sampling of the bacon items and there’s an even wider range of foodstuffs including, I kid you not, chum flavoured mints. (I put that link here primarily for Liz and John who are bacon whores of the highest degree — worse than me.)

Because my loyal reader(s) need a good laugh, I am just going to point out that Sarah Palin is going to be a commentator for Fox News. That’s ironic (I think) as well as hysterically apropos. Yeah, and it’s a punch-line until itself.

Jose, my esteemed but yet deranged friend, sent me two Avatar links. He and I had a great discussion on the plusses and minuses of the film. The first link is to some suggested things they could have done to improve the story. I post this without saying which ones I do and don’t agree with, but am open to debating this with all your master debaters out there. The second link is from and compared the Avatar we saw with the original paper treatment. It’s a long, long post and poses some interesting things. Again, I won’t debate this until everyone’s had a chance to read it. Please note that both of those links have tons of spoilers.

My electrician is here fixing the circuit breaker for my AC unit (which controls the heating). We think that’s why it keep tripping. The HVAC guy insists it’s a bad switch so he’s here now (on over time because it’s after five.)

Umbrella Hat Society now has a Facebook Page and you should join that in addition to the MySpace page and of course you must submit your photo to the mother site. It’s weird enough to be cool, so you should join right away. In theory this is post 798, but I really need to count them manually and see if I’m still in synch. (I love the subject line of this post.)

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