Firefox 3.7 and Googlebar

I upgraded to Firefox v3.6 today and so far am pleased, except Googlebar stopped working. Googlebar is way, way, way better than the Official Googlebar put out by Google. Googlebar stopped working way back with Firefox v3.1 but someone took it upon himself to patched it to work since the development team quit working on it after Firefox v3.0 came out. I was displeased to find that even though Googlebar was supposed to work with Firefox v3.6, it didn’t. Also, the person (or persons) who’ve updated it never changed the version number of Googlebar itself as they upgraded it, so there are a large number of different versions floating about that work with varying versions of Firefox.

I couldn’t abide not having Googlebar and waiting for someone else to figure out what was broken — it’s my most important extension except for Noia Extreme theme, so I deconstructed it and figured out what was busted (two whole lines of code) and have made it work. It’s not fully tested and there may be glitches, but this is as good as it gets and most of it seemed to work without problems. The version number has been changed to so you can see that it’s correctly installed and it should install right on top of the old version too.

I can’t even promise this it’ll work with anything past v3.6.x but if you want to try it, you can download it here for free (186k). This, like the original, is public domain but all I ask you link to this blog post and not directly to the file, this way when I make changes and the file name changes your link won’t break. There’s an email circulating rapidly that says you can tell where something is made by looking at the first few digits of the UPC code. It’s partially correct, but you can be very misled. Please read this article at Knowing country of origin is important, especially on foodstuffs and medicines, but make sure you know what you’re looking at. Always, and I mean always, check out mass e-mails before sharing and commenting. Even I’ve been burnt. Check your facts. Any of you car nuts (preferably local) have any experience installing this? I want to buy one for my car and give it a shot. (SEZW or SOEMBO) but I’ve never done this before. Comments, emails, etcetera all welcome.

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