Roto-Rooter Sucks: DO NOT USE THEM

This was just emailed to Roto-Rooter

Dear Sir/Madam/Etc:

You may notice it’s 10:28pm as I write this. Why, you may ask? Good question since my appointment was at 530pm.

I called you guys on Saturday and set up an appointment for Tuesday from 530 to 730pm. I’m a long-time customer and I gave you, in advance, a list of all the work to be done. That would take about 3 hours.

You know, I understand ‘shit happens’ — but Roto Rooter is a national chain. They show (via Google) over a half-dozen offices in Dade and Broward counties alone. They only have one technician working? ONE? They have nobody who can call regularly with status updates? They think sending someone after 10pm to do 3+ hours’ worth of work is a good idea? Why would anyone put their trust in these folks? (I don’t impugn the quality of their actual work, mind you — just their customer ‘care’ attitude.) I’m looking for a plumber that doesn’t suck. If you live in South Florida and can recommend one, email me. I will, otherwise, begin my search tomorrow. I am very irritated. What is the purpose of an appointment with a two-hour window when they’re three hours late and still haven’t shown when I cancel? Why is it my job to keep calling them to find out where the tech is? Why is that okay?

In happier news, Ed Rice shares this URL with me entitled “The Greatest Story Ever Told” — good for a laugh.  And relating to my often amusement with Led Zeppelin fans, I present The Onion’s take on the Led Zeppelin’s fanatical fan base. Good for a laugh also. In other great amusing things “Team Logo Urinal Pucks ” when used as a Yahoo Canada search term lists my blog as number one. Well, at least Michael Yormark will be pleased.  This blog is rated number one in some useful areas, “Led Zeppelin Sucks” being one of them (they don’t suck for the record) as well as some medical posts and other things. That one, however, is just very amusing. I posted a Pro Bowl picture of Karen and myself over at Flickr for those interested.

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