Weekend Update (Slightly Late)

I saw the Pro Bowl Sunday. Let me tell you how fun it was. ….. Well, there ya’ go. It was an experience that doesn’t come around very often, so I felt obligated to try it once. The tickets were relatively inexpensive, my seats were good, and I wanted to see what it was about.

Evan’s Blog sums it up nicely. Since we went together, it’ll save me a lot of typing. Karen and I left about 10 minutes before Evan. And another thought on Shane’s backpack. Shane is 6 and while he’s been known to terrorize people, he’s not a terrorist threat. Oddly, inside the gate if you bought a program (I didn’t) it came with a free HUGE tote-bag. The point being, they opened Shane’s backpack, every single pocket, found nothing in it of any issue. Then they told his parents he couldn’t bring it in. Absolutely stupid.

The “Fan Experience” was boring as all Hell. There were a few neat things, though. They had the Vince Lombardi trophy. Never saw it in person before. Unlike the Stanley Cup, they don’t let you close to it, so you can’t touch it or take your picture with it. And it’s ugly. They had a nice exhibit on the history of the ball itself, the NFL logo, and they had one of every SuperBowl ring. That was some impressive hardware. Other than that, my experience matches Evan’s so read his blog post. Now that I know what happened beforehand, I know why he was Mister Grouchy Pants. After I got home, I read half of my new book Iorich the new Steven Brust masterpiece in the Vlad Taltos trilogy until I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I won’t discuss the Monday night Panthers loss as it was sad. At least we played hockey and lost as opposed to our usual losing. We still have some tickets for our special group outing to give Jay Bouwmeester (J-Blow) a very special welcome home.

After the game, I came home and finished reading Iorich. I did that at the expense of sleep, but it was well worth it. This, the twelfth Vlad book, is one of my favourites. It’s a light read, to be sure, but it’s got lots of personality and Vlad is very ‘himself’ and Brust is in his groove. We also get to spend a little time with Vlad’s son and get to know him. I’m getting a huge sense he’s going to be a major character in the next book or two. I’ll avoid spoilers except to say Vlad survives the novel so you know the assassins on his tail will still be at it come the next book. I rather enjoyed the chapter openings which are part of military investigation. Also, Brust, in a witty mood to be sure has included “deleted scenes” in the back of the book. Nice touch. Adds nothing, but still.

I still have House and Heroes on my Ti-Faux. And I’ll add Lost to what’s sitting there since I’m going to spend many hours tonight as the plumber works in my house. More on that later. Many years after Concorde’s fateful crash that took the plane out of the sky, manslaughter trial against Continental Airlines has opened in France. The claim being a Continental plane that was not properly repaired dropped a scrap of metal on the runway which punctured Concorde’s tire and that steel belted tire blew apart, puncturing the fuel tank causing the fire. That ultimately led to Concorde no longer flying. Continental claims they can prove the plane was in flames before it hit the piece of metal. (There is no argument or defense that the piece of metal was there. Only whether it was the precipitating cause.) BBC News reports with all sorts of related links. I wasn’t posting this until I was done but Sue is badgering me.

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