Things Of Randomness

My guest bathroom now has new fixtures: nice, brushed pewter things to replace the ugliness that was there before. My downstairs bathroom also has a new fixture to replace the ugliness that was there before. I’ve also got a new flapper in the downstairs commode to replace the wonky one. I am pleased with the results, mostly, but not the time it took to get it all done. One would have assumed that when I bought the parts, that Moen parts are interchangeable and that’s why I stayed with the same brand for the showers. Amazingly, even the plumber was shocked that the units installed currently were non-standard, so he had to do some really funky stuff to get the handles to fit. (He could have done it properly but that would have involved knocking out the wall — so he had to do it all through the existing hole knock-outs). Thanks to Andres for introducing me to said plumber.

Many moons ago, I made a long post here called “Why Dell Sucks and Blows” — since that time we’ve been replacing all our Dells with non-Dell machines. Some of the Dell units were scrapped and not replaced — our employees can use personal laptops now so some of our units were redundant. The long and short is that we have two Dells. My Dell is the oldest one in the company at about seven years. The IT budget at our company has been frozen for all but essential purchases. I was cleared to replace my Dell. It’s going to be an HP and I’ll be going from a 2ghz P2 single core to a 2.3ghz 2x2core P4 with double the RAM and more ports and more HD space. Then I’ll spend 20 years trying to get my crap moved from one PC to the next. Still, it’ll be worth it. I’ll replace the last Dell later this year. One at a time. Joy.

Thanks to Jose who’s been putting up with my incessant confusion over Blogger’s virtually no-notice abandonment of all FTP hosted blogs. I’m going to pay him and if he can’t, I’ve got someone lined up.

I have something stuck in my teeth. Tomorrow’s a hockey night.

I miss Mo, Erin, and Josh — in no particular order lest I cause offence.

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