Ikea Airlines, Sarah Palin, and Joe The Plumber Comes Out

Before I start my actual entry, this was sent to me be a few people and deserves to be here. First credit to Paul. A much larger version of the image without the added text is here.

Yeah, that kid would be me. It’s the sort of thing I’d say. Fail? No. It’s a WIN!

Now on to politics. I am not a Republican. I think everyone knows that. I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative. That would put me somewhere in the middle. Mostly I prefer Democrat candidates because it’s hard for me to vote for most modern Republicans. I have friends who are Republican, and I actually understand why they feel the way they do and I respect their opinions. We disagree on a wide range of topics from abortion, to gun control, to gay marriage, to economic theory but everyone is entitled to an opinion even if it isn’t mine. No big deal, friends manage to be friends despite disagreements all the time.

I didn’t think McCain was a bad choice for president and he’d certainly have done a far, far better job than the nutjob before him. I was okay with him until he picked that offensive creature as his running mate: Sarah Palin. I do not understand how anyone finds her remotely of value as a candidate. First, she makes Bush Jr look like a liberal. Second, she makes him look smart and that’s no mean feat. Other than her looks and homey personality, “where’s the beef” to quote Clara Peller. She’s bad news. Even “Joe The Plumber” came out against Palin today.

As much as I hate Obama’s wiffle-waffle totally worthless healthcare “reform” package that will do everything except reform the system, I’d prefer another four years of his so-far ineffective administration than one second of Palin. I’d rather Bush come back. Seriously. I had a lot of hope for Obama. I really did. I never did like his health care plan, though we do need one. So far, though he’s done nothing. We’ve got the making of another Carter. A really nice guy, but totally ineffective. Anyway, enough politics. You can read them elsewhere in this blog. I just happened to see Palin’s face today and became nauseated at the thought.

Ikea is going into the airplane business. I know, I didn’t believe it either, but this came 
from both Dave and Sue who sent it to me. If Ikea didn’t design that plane, who did? I thought so. This is a South African airline, BTW. If you want really large versions of the pictures click these links and then you can click “view all sizes” and “original size” after that: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, and Picture 5.

I am itchy, headachy, and tired.

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