Captain Eo Returns

First, from Steve we have this video of someone busted stealing WiFi. You only need to watch the first half unless you want a lecture on unsecured networks. But this lady is a riot — not only is she busted, she’s proud of it. And admits she’s cheap. Gotta love her honest dishonesty. (I’ve been guilty of doing this in hotels when they charge $25/day for access and I just want to check my emails for a minute or two.)

In news that makes me happy the legendary film Captain Eo returns to Disneyland later this month. What makes me happy is that means if it’s well received, Disney World will follow. Captain Eo began quietly disappearing from parks after Michael Jackson’s well publicized troubles. In 1998 it left the last park (EuroDisney). The music is awesome, the choreography is great, and I’m sure it’s going to seem retro and kitschy, but I’ll still try and see it when it makes its way back here.

In work news, I had a vendor write me an email telling me that because we sold a specific brand of competing product, they wouldn’t sell to me. Now, I find this interesting for several reasons. First, they declined to provide any company policy showing this is a legitimate policy. Second, they do not enforce it unilaterally. As it so happens, the FTC has a specific page for reporting allegations of anti-competitive practices. I have sent a printout of the email to the CEO of the company and told him I’d like his take on it before any further action is taken. To be more accurate, they told me they were going to cut us off from this particular product in spite of the fact I’ve sold competing lines for decades and that my competitors also do the same. I contacted both current and former employees of this company and they all deny any such policy is in place nor do my competitors have any knowledge of any such policy. And what they said verbally — not in writing — would be even more illegal. My question to my blog readers, was I right to assume the CEO of a large company ought to be notified there’s a problem so he can correct it, or should have I just filed the complaint directly? I like to assume the CEO doesn’t know his employees are behaving like this. (This company is rumoured to have run afoul of the FTC several decades ago for similar practices. I have no proof of this.)

I remodelled my FarmTown farm on Facebook. Yay me! I’ve also totally re-done my permissions there and made additional changes. I hope it’s working now. I just have to figure out which permissions stick if someone is in two groups.

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