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My friend John and I have an ongoing argument about AC/DC. We like them, but they’ve been recording the same songs for years. It is John’s (erroneous) contention that AC/DC has recorded six songs, while it is my (far more accurate) contention that they have recorded four songs. John has decided to go public with our dispute. John’s a good musician and I respect his opinions on most musical things. However, I must defend my position and use the facts at hand to prove he’s wrong. And before I do, I will say I have offered to settle our dispute by compromising on FIVE songs. I thought that was fair, but he’s decided to make this post. As such the evidence can be listened to. Please procure “TNT” and “Dirty Deeds” and notice the addictive thumping beat. I happen to like both songs. Which is easy to understand since they are the same exact song. Seriously. John lists them as two separate songs, thereby ruining his case entirely. John. I’ve won. So there. (Nice blog post in spite of your failure to recognize 4 instead of 6.)

Save the Seals and click this link

Thanks to Suzie-Q for the above link from the Humane Society of Canada. She had it on her Facebook page. There are any number of clever rejoinders, but I had to go with maple syrup you know.

Sadly, I have other news along these lines to report. Live dogs and cats are being used as shark bait on the French island of Réunion. I once wondered who visited my site from that tiny place. Now, I’m not so sure I want to know. That link is from National Geographic, a relatively staid, conservative publication. Needless to say, people are in an uproar. Understandably so. Some puppies and kittens have escaped with puncture wounds in their paws and snouts. It’s really sick what some people will do.

In other reasons to hate Texas besides Bush Senior and Bush Junior, we now have the Texas Board of Education (that final words is a misnomer) decided to re-write history entirely. This op-ed piece on the decidedly liberal San Francisco Chronicle website sums it up best. And while I like my friends from Texas, what the hell are you guys thinking? You vote for these people? This is from the article: These irrefutable facts — and many more just like them — are brought to you by the Texas State Board of Education, packed like a jug of rancid tartar sauce with intellectually numb simpletons who smell like ignorance and taste like fear. The TSBE: We make revisionist brainwashing fun!™

I’m glad I don’t own a Toyota. Even though they’re fixing them now, reports indicate nearly 100 fixed vehicles have still shown the same symptoms. That doesn’t sound fixed to me. To me, despite Toyota’s claims to the contrary, it sounds like a computer issue in the software running the car. Cars have become too complex: they park themselves, stop when they think you’re too close, and more. Hell, I’ve ranted in previous posts how the iDrive in my BMW is way too complex and unreliable. I don’t like a car that’s so high tech that they can never find the problem.

And while we’re on problems, at least I didn’t fly Virgin Atlantic from LAX to JFK. This story sounds like one of my trips from hell. Can you imagine a sixteen hour flight. You can get to China in 18 and this was 16. Misery in the making.

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