How to Train Your Dragon

I wasn't going to see this film. I thought the previews looked silly and the title made it seem uninteresting. The film needs a better name. The reviews were pretty good so ultimately, I decided I'd go see it. The Higgi, Mom, Timmy and went along with me. And with the aid of a shitload of cough drops, I survived the experience.

Everyone seemed to love the film "Up" — and this is way, way better than Up. WAY better. I already nominate this for best animated film for the next Oscars. We saw it in 3D and I didn't even get too bad of a headache. The visuals were nice and I enjoyed them. The sound was quite interesting and fit well. What made this film was the hardest thing for any film animated or not: the story and the characters. There was a plot, and while it wasn't complicated it was a very real, easy to follow, plausible plot for the world in which it was set. Vikings kill dragons because that's what they do. The story centers on the character Hiccup who is a young Viking coming of age and his desire to kill a dragon to forge a bond with his father. His father is very disappointed in Hiccup and it hurts him. That's a universal theme and anyone can relate to it. I really empathized with the character. The dragon, Toothless, looks suspiciously like Stitch. But I didn't really notice that until halfway through the film. You like this dragon and the emerging bond between Hiccup and Toothless isn't trite or formed easily. It's nice to see the trust thing explored and take its time like would happen in real life. These are complex characters. You care about them and what happens to them. Like all 'hero' films, it seems the female lead is always an added token and not well defined. I strongly recommend this movie to everyone of every age. I'm giving it very high marks. Nothing after the credits at the end, for those who want to know. My only niggle is the confusion as to why the Vikings speak with a Scottish accent. That is so random. I will gladly see this film again.

I also saw a preview of the live-action film of Avatar The Last Airbender. I accidentally found this on Nicktoons and have been watching random episodes when I've got insomnia and I find it on. It's really good and I'm excited to see the film. I hope I can find someone who wants to see it with me.

I had dinner with Simon and Mindy (from PHMB) at Renegade and ate myself sick. The food, as always, was excellent, and I managed to finish it all except a chunk of cornbread. We sat around and talked hockey. It's nice to know my feelings about the organization are shared (more or less) by other people. I had an enjoyable time and managed not to cough too much thanks to copious strawberry lemonade infusions.

Back to 3D for a moment. I'm not the only one who thinks 3D is shit and not worth seeing most times. This article details the argument from an art standpoint.

Lastly, a brief note about airport security: you know the thing they do at airports to make you think you're a lot safer while barely making you any safer. Here's a new technique that is pretty cool and might work.

Now if I could sleep through this horrific dry, hacky cough coupled with the irritating post nasal drip that defies any medication, I'd feel better. Feh.

3-29 edit: Not just me. Rotten Tomatoes has it 97% positive!!!


  1. Evan
    Posted Monday, 29 March 2010 at 08:10 EDT | Permalink

    The most disturbing thing about that 3D article is:

    "In lieu of the prospect of Transformers 3 undergoing a 3D transformation, the infamous Michael Bay has even taken a purist’s approach:"

    Transformers 3?????? Why???????

  2. Old_Dave
    Posted Monday, 29 March 2010 at 23:13 EDT | Permalink

    First, Up, like Wall*E, had an extended, wonderful opening act. If judged only by the first 20 odd minutes, Up is the better movie.

    But that's not how we judge movies, is it?

    "How to Train Your Dragon" is the first movie I've seen in some time that has me wanted to go back to see it again, badly. It's not just a kid's movie — or if it is, it's such a beautifully crafted one an "adult" can appreciate it just for its execution and visual splendor.

  3. Mom
    Posted Tuesday, 30 March 2010 at 20:49 EDT | Permalink

    I can't forget \How To Train a Dragon\ either, I forgot to mention it earlier. I have recommended it to several adults.

    REF SLEEP: Get a kitty. I know you hate to hear this but it is the only thing you haven't tried yet. Purr. Purr. It puts one to sleep. I truly hope you get some sleep. It is necessary and nourishing as food.

  4. Posted Sunday, 11 April 2010 at 03:21 EDT | Permalink

    I would totally see Avatar: The Last Airbender with you. I'm a big fan of the cartoon; I'm a little worried about how they're handling the live-action, but I'm still excited to see it.

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