Insomnia Is Wonderful


I'm starting this post at 2:35am local time. Why? Because I went to bed at 1130om and gave up trying to sleep at 1250. The cough doesn't help the sleeping.

I did email, checked AFDB, sent some IMs. Almost nobody was awake to bother, though I did bug SWMBO for a bit.

I did some work on the blog. We now have the most recent seven posts in the sidebar instead of five. People were asking for more, and I tried ten but it looked longish. I slightly reduced the ad count since nobody much seems to be clicking them anyway. Hmph.

I installed some new plugins too. The site is now generating a Google Sitemap XML file. All automatically and without my requirement to deal with it. Perhaps it'll help traffic a bit. The blogroll now recognizes favicons and uses those to make a site more identifiable. I thought it was a great idea except for I have found out that most of my friends aren't using them. If you're hosting your blog on your own domain, I can easily help you with that. If you're using hosted stuff, contact your ISP. (If you can FTP to your files, I can help — otherwise contact your ISP).

I cleaned up a few tags that were empty (deleted those) and a few that were duplicated (single vs plurals) but not all. May do that still. I have until about 5am before I will go to work. 2h 15m to kill still.

And yeah, you really must see "How To Train Your Dragon" — still in my head.

Really nothing much else to report.

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