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Terry Goodkind’s Phantom (Review)

(I will warn you before I get to spoilers, so read on without fear) Ah, yes, I went book shopping yesterday with Adrian. Book shopping is a wholly satisfying thing in almost every way, even if you buy nothing. But this trip was a success because I bought the new Phule’s Errand book (sure to […]

Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Tenth Grade Bleeds

I bought and read the third tome in this excellent series today. Each book is better than the one before it and this book makes author Heather Brewer three for three. The new book has my least favourite cover but it’s the best of the three, so I’ll forgive the irritatingly pouty cover. We have […]

A Book So Bad I didn’t Finish

Yes, for only the second or third time in my life, I’ve got a book of fiction so bad, I gave up. I tried really hard, and I made it halfway. But now, I feel, I have an obligation to warn you not to read this book. It’s called Fool’s Tavern by Ned Resnikoff. ISBN […]

Cult of Mac

ISBN 1-886411-83-2 This is such a kick-ass book, I would encourage all my MacHead friends to go and buy it. If you’re one of those “other” people who use that Windows trash, perhaps reading this book will help you understand why we MacHeads are so fanatical and loyal. Maybe we should call ourselves MacQuaeda? “The […]

Ninth Grade Slays: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

This review is spoiler free except for mentioning some names of new characters.(Edit: added three video links) Some time ago I reviewed Eighth Grade Bites: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. It was the first book in a new series by Heather Brewer (known as “Auntie Heather” to her loyal minions*). The new book is out […]