Vanishing Posts

At least one post 12 October 2008 wasn’t in the new blog. I’ve been monitoring it carefully and when I see an inbound link that goes nowhere I can fix it. All of them have been adjustments to path names. I’ve only got two difficult posts. One I solved after realizing it couldn’t resolve because […]

My Head Is Going to Explode

Ouch. Migraines suck. Too many attempts to kill it and nothing’s worked so far. I have upgraded to my prescription pharmaceuticals I have for emergencies such as this. Die. Die. Die. My mouth now tastes like Fioricet because I didn’t get it down the first time. That’s one evil taste, let me tell you what. […]

Den of Honor: The Florida Panthers Get It Right

I have been a very harsh critic of the Panthers over the past five or six years because I give a shit about the team when nobody in management for years clearly did. As a fan, it hurts to watch your team, the team’s heritage, and the fans be treated indifferently and poorly. We have […]


I haven’t used this word today and decided I would. Thanks, as always, to Lewis Carroll for this bon mot. It’s a good word and always at home on the memo line of a cheque. Sometimes 13 is good. Or 12. I’ll have to consult with Jose on that. For those who do not want to […]

A Collection From A Cluttered Mind

My friend John and I have an ongoing argument about AC/DC. We like them, but they’ve been recording the same songs for years. It is John’s (erroneous) contention that AC/DC has recorded six songs, while it is my (far more accurate) contention that they have recorded four songs. John has decided to go public with our dispute. […]

Food. Tasty, tasty food

I ate at a new Italian restaurant near my house called Il Forno. Fancy place, terrible, terrible location so I don’t hold out much hope they’ll survive for very long. Which is too bad because it’s pretty decent as far as the food goes. The bread is very similar to a pita and served with olive oil. […]

How To Fix Congress

My dear friend Fran sent this along to me. I can’t think of a reason to disagree. Politically she’s pretty much damn near opposite of me on most things but sometimes we agree spot-on.Proposed Congressional Reform Act of 2010 Then we have to discuss the iPad which as I said in a previous post may […]

Clapton In Review

I guess I’ll make my official first CONTENT post on the new blog and begin with a review of the Eric Clapton concert 11 March 2010 at Bank Atlantic Center. This is my first Clapton concert, but it likely won’t be my last. His opening act was Roger Daltry. Roger said he was the “supporting […]

Welcome to The WordPress Version of the Quagmire

The new URL is here: – please update your newsreaders, feeds, etcetera. No new posts will be made at the old address. Please update your blogs and all links to point to this new address. All posts and comments have been preserved Look and feel has been preserved as well as possible. We are […]

Busking For Nothing and your Chicks For Free

First, special thanks to Jose Marquez. Everyone needs a friend like him. But not everyone deserves one. You’ve all heard of American Idol. I apologize for bringing it up and in no way think that show has any redeeming value. However, in the same vein TfL (Transport for London) is now having a competition to […]