Things Of Randomness

My guest bathroom now has new fixtures: nice, brushed pewter things to replace the ugliness that was there before. My downstairs bathroom also has a new fixture to replace the ugliness that was there before. I’ve also got a new flapper in the downstairs commode to replace the wonky one. I am pleased with the […]

Super Bowl or Super Usurious Price Gouging?

The biggest complaint I heard (repeatedly) from the visiting fans besides the glacial pace of concession stand speed was the pricing. With sandwiches and subs at $22, fries $6, soda $7, ice cream $9, water $6, beer $10, chicken fingers $10, nachos $8, pretzels $5, and so-on, the complaints are valid. A number of my […]

Who Dat? Geaux Saints! (Dedicated to Cary Alice Tews)

Who Dat? Geaux Saints! (Dedicated to Carey Alice Tews) First, congratulations for the New Orleans Saints on winning the Super Bowl. I wanted them to but didn’t expect them too. I’m glad because they deserve it, and dare I say are entitled to one. In spite of their mostly crappy defensive showing at the game. […]

Panthers Autograph Session (And Idiot Roofers)

First, I had a fight at work today with Murton Roofing. I was already in a bad mood because of last night’s incompetence with Roto-Rooter. We have a roof at work that was installed 2004 by Murton Roofing. It has a 20-year warranty (2 years with Murton and the rest with GAF who made the […]

Roto-Rooter Sucks: DO NOT USE THEM

This was just emailed to Roto-Rooter Dear Sir/Madam/Etc: You may notice it’s 10:28pm as I write this. Why, you may ask? Good question since my appointment was at 530pm. I called you guys on Saturday and set up an appointment for Tuesday from 530 to 730pm. I’m a long-time customer and I gave you, in […]

Weekend Update (Slightly Late)

I saw the Pro Bowl Sunday. Let me tell you how fun it was. ….. Well, there ya’ go. It was an experience that doesn’t come around very often, so I felt obligated to try it once. The tickets were relatively inexpensive, my seats were good, and I wanted to see what it was about. […]

The Panthers Just Suck. Seriously. It’s THAT Bad.

Apparently I’m (in)famous now. As you may know I got special tickets to heckle Jay Bouwmeester mercilessly on his return to Florida 5 Feb 2010. Getty Images* sent a picture of me over the newswires and it’s here in this article on Yahoo Sports. Or just see the image here: “Florida Panthers fan holds up […]

Rick Rolling On The Subway Floor With A Chicken

We’ll start with technical stuff. I have patched the Firefox extension Timetracker 1.2.5 to work with Firefox 3.6 — there was no work done to the code. I fixed the version check line and added a 1 to the version so it read 1.2.51 but it appears to work fine. So, if you’re waiting to […]

JD Salinger Buys an iPad. Not.

First, RIP to legendary author and recluse Jerome David Salinger who died today. In an AP story today humorist John Hodgman was quoted as saying, “I prefer to think JD Salinger has just decided to become extra reclusive.” Mr Salinger was most famous for introducing world to Holden Caulfield. Next up, a quick nod to […]

You’re Fat

You’re fat**. That’s what so many people feel, myself included. Obesity is on the rise in the developed world and that’s no secret nor is it even in dispute. The reasons, on the other hand, are. Many people have long suspected the introduction of high-fructose corn syrup is the leading cause of girth. I’m not […]