Boxing Day in London (Trip Day Two)

Boxing Day, a true English tradition brings the legendary sales with tens of thousands of people mobbing every store, most notably Harrods. So, of course, we avoided most of those places. We woke up to a dreary, wet, cold, day and went to our usual breakfast place only to find that their cook had done […]

Christmas in London (Trip Day One)

We left Miami Christmas Eve, 20 minutes early because everyone was checked in and on board. We waited in Club America after breezing through security ZERO people in line. Club America really sucks but it’s where Virgin Atlantic sends you in Miami, since they only offer one flight per day. There were 113 on board […]

Christmas Stuff

Just a quick post as I kill some time. The Christmas Party at work was a success. We had it catered by Boston Market instead of Stephen’s Deli for the first time in decades after two disappointing performances in a row. It was more money but very well received. Turkey, brisket, ham, corn, mashed potatoes, […]

20 – 12 = 7 (The New Math)

If you want to figure out that subject line, you’ll have to read all the way through to nearly the end. I’m going to start with Thursday when I went off to Grandma’s after work to meet her and Aunt Barbara for dinner. I rarely see Barbara (Grandma’s baby sister), so it was a rare […]

The Return of Alan Price — and more on Kenny

For those of you who wanted to find Kenny Hill, I only remember his icon was ‘red’ and he was from Detroit, Michigan. He’s blocked so I can’t see him. But it’s “Kenny Hill” if you want to look him up. Yo! Kenny! Speak up, I’m sure you’d like to share your side of the […]

A Very Not Beatles Christmas

First, this oddity from Stevenson. These are the rantings of someone who said he went to a parallel universe where the Beatles hadn’t broken up and he ran into someone who told him all sorts of stories and whatnot. He came back with a tape of an album of unreleased Beatles songs. These songs, are […]

Gordon Ramsay and The Secret Diary Of Steve Jobs

This article about Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant empire is a good read. It’s weird because tonight on BBC America’s Late Night With Jonathan Ross, who was the guest? Gordon Ramsay, discussing his recent facelift. And tonight on Jay Leno? Gordon Ramsay. (The BBCA show is one week behind, so we get last week’s show a week […]

Woe, Woe, Woe your boat…

Nobody but me will find the title amusing. I have long since learned that clever, pithy, witty, sarcastic, or humorous post titles are all ignored. Philistines, the lot. So I will be seeing Jan as part of my annual holiday, but the bit with Carey isn’t working out again. It’s been a long time but […]

Insert Title Here

The NHL’s Florida Panthers continue to defy all expectations and have now lost eight of the last nine in spectacularly bad fashion. I could rip the team a new one because they deserve it. The players don’t care — anyone watching the game can see that. Okay, some do, but this is a team sport. […]

765th post

According to Blogger we’re at 765 posts and counting, this one included. It includes all posts whether or not consequential so if I made two posts in one day that are short, they’re still two posts. But you don’t care about that, and neither do. I’m waiting on 1,000 🙂  I’m at 247,000 hits and […]