Le Pauvre Chat, Scooter; Je suis triste.

Poor Scooter. She’s been very sick. I have been hesitant to post about it here. I returned from London last Saturday evening some four hours late. The cat sitter was not scheduled to visit Saturday as I was supposed to be home at a reasonable hour, meaning that her last visit was Friday evening. So, […]

London Rocked

I had a great time in London. I rode the tube and I survived. I was a little nervous the first time. I was a certainly a bit apprehensive on the Piccadilly line the first day it was open, especially as I exited at Russell Square. However all-in-all, it was a great trip. Just so […]

True to My Word

I am still off to London tomorrow, and my plans will barely change. (Due to the fact some tube lines aren’t operating, there is by necessity some alternate travel plans needed.) Kudos to those who are going with me, and piss on those who backed off solely due to fear. Shame will turn your heart […]

Screw The Terrorists Redux

Oh boy, here we go again*. I am getting tired of exploding trains. Another series of bombs went off in London this morning. This time there were no fatalities and only one injury, not apparently serious. One was a ‘bomb and run’ where the bomber tossed a rucksack inside a tube train as the doors […]

Screw the terrorists….

First, and foremost, my thoughts are with those in London who are reeling from the terrorist attack today 7-7. It is truly a tragedy and I’m sorry any human being has to go through that sort of ordeal. The only solace is that it could have been much, much worse. Those that have perpetrated this […]

I don’t wanna’ be an American Idiot*…. I am deeply amused and deeply appalled at the same time. However, I must side with Toyota, because deep down I know they are right. And deep down, you know they’re right too. This speaks volumes about our country and where our priorities are — and have been for some time. We’re not educating […]

Live8 — Pink Floyd Rocks — MTV Blows

I watched Live8 on MTV/VH1 (same feed) — missing parts for various reasons. However, I must say MTV which is, in theory, a music channel should be removed from the air for their atrociously horrendous and offensive coverage. Every single artist was shown disrespect by the VJs talking over one or more of the artists’ […]

For my political friends…..


Pink Floyd to Reunite for One Show

(Original Posted 6-12-05) This may not excite most of my readers, but it excites the hell out of me. These one-off reunions in the past (for various bands) have resulted in new albums sometimes. I have always wanted to see Pink Floyd in concert and never got the chance. The slight, remote chance they might […]

Installing Mac OS-X on a Dell

[This post updated 6-7-05 with additional information and citations] Yes, it’s true. Sometime in 2007, you will likely be able to install OS-X 10.5 on your crappy-ass Dell. Apple is losing the big competitive difference they once had. Instead, they’re becoming one of the pack. Apple’s sales may go up, but what made us love […]