Computer Things That Vex Me

Firefox got rid of my favourite Mozilla feature. Mozilla had many flaws that Firefox does not, but it could give me a pop-up window when my favourite sites were updated. Many go months without a change. I miss that feature. Any way to make it happen on Firefox Mac? I use MacLink Plus to convert […]

Various Visitors

I find this blog thing interesting. I started with much trepidation. And, in fact, my feelings haven’t changed much. It has, however, become much more interesting. I wonder how people are finding my blog. I made a post “Led Zeppelin Sucks” (or click here) and there are a number of replies from people I don’t […]

Richard Branson Envies Apple

You all should know who he is: the CEO of Virgin Group — a conglomeration of 350 companies. In the 3-14-05 MacLean’s magazine there is an interview with him. All interesting, but I have to share one question and answer. Q: Do you envy any other brands?A: Apple has reinvented itself a number of times […]

A Book So Bad I didn’t Finish

Yes, for only the second or third time in my life, I’ve got a book of fiction so bad, I gave up. I tried really hard, and I made it halfway. But now, I feel, I have an obligation to warn you not to read this book. It’s called Fool’s Tavern by Ned Resnikoff. ISBN […]

Cirque Du Soleil: KA

This is a retro-post. I put this online 24 December 2005 using the date it was originally sent out. (Details of Las Vegas trip excised) “KA” recently opened at the MGM is the latest incarnation of Cirque: it joins permanent Vegas shows: O, Mystere, and Zumanity. In addition, I’ve also seen Alegria, Nouba, Quidam, and […]

Why Led Zeppelin Sucks

OK, that’s not true but it certainly got your attention. You’re here reading, aren’t you? Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” definitely is a classic work that sits atop the pantheon of rock songs that will last forever. Nobody would deny it is a singular work of art. I love that song. However, I was realizing […]

Toe Jam

My cat, Scooter, is in an inexplicably good mood, which is probably good because I’m not. My back hurts. I didn’t sleep well. I really need to get that new mattress. That Tempur-Pedic® is looking more and more attractive despite its ridiculous price. A couple of people have told me they swear by them. Comments […]

NHL and NHLPA both Suck — but especially Goodenow

I have cut and pasted this from my Panthers mailing list and then edited it slightly. Rather than write a fancy new post, this sums a lot of it up. A lot of people who caused this suck, but as in any situation, some suck more than others. So to Bob Goodenow I say you […]

NHL and NHLPA both Suck

From the newswire “The NHL offered on Wednesday to go with the players’ association proposal from Dec. 9 that featured a luxury-tax system and an immediate 24 percent rollback on all existing contracts. If it was determined after an unspecified period of time that the deal wasn’t working, the agreement would be converted to the […]

Rob’s Blog and a catchy tune (Pluma-Pluma)

You’ve just got to see this. These are from my friend Rob’s blog. This was just too rich for an e-mail and I thought it should be here permanently. The links are now listed out here in-full for your viewing pleasure, and more importantly these are the original videos and not the edited ones that […]