The tickle in my throat….

…. is most irritating. I’m just back from a business trip to Lost Wages, Nevada and I think I’m getting sick. Ugh. Echinacea time. I hope I spelled that right. I know nobody cares, but it was time for a blog post. I notice this post title sounds like porn. I’ve been reading a lot […]

iSight Camera

Damn. I finally hooked up and used my iSight. It’s awesome. Everybody run out and get one right now. I tested it with my friend Tom ::waves:: for a few minutes but he had to go do homework. Eeeeewwww. Just as I was getting ready to sign off, I get an IM from Josh who […]

A sad day for memories of my past… Camp Lone Oak — where I spent several summers and collected some very fine memories is going to be no more. It’s sad as your childhood memories are damaged over time. I am saddened by this, but it is, perhaps, the price of progress. No, I don’t believe that. Ah, I do miss my […]

A sad day for America….

Ugh. Well Shrub won. It proves you can never underestimate the stupidity of Americans as a group. Or, as my history teacher Ronald P. Nieves used to say, “The Masses Are Asses” — and how right he was. For the people who voted for four more years of insanity, I hope they remember that as […]

Which Asshole?

As someone asked me today, “Which asshole are you voting for?” That pretty much sums the election up. Yeah, you all know I’m voting for Kerry because I remain convinced that Bush Jr will go down as one of the worst presidents this nation has ever had. However, I don’t really like Kerry so much […]

A weekend in the life of?

All sorts of stuff to say. First, I went to Halloween Horror Night at Universal with my kid sister. It was interesting. She screams. A LOT. Everything scared her and I laughed my ass of watching her. Yet it was unusual because she loves to watch horror movies. The best part was the people at […]

Blogging on a new computer….

I have a brand new G5. Yay! Now I’ve got a G4 I’m going to have to sell on e-bay. Anybody want a G4 at a great price? In other news, I have some news that I am dying to share but can’t just yet. It could be sooner or it could be later. We’ll […]

Anal Psoriasis

Did I mention that Firefox rocks? You NEED to make it your browser of choice. I am falling in love with it. That is today’s big news as far as I’m concerned. Oh, and the Sox won. I hate baseball but am glad they beat the curse. I am tired of the damned UF Zook/Spurrier […]


Yay! Seti@Home rocks and for your pleasure, here are my personal SetiStats. If you want your stats like this, the URL is inside the graphic. It’s free and it’s cool. Of course, you all need to run Seti@Home. Go to my website for more details and all the links you need. Boinc Statistics: Unfortunately, […]

My Blog Links

You have noticed I’ve added links to some blogs. OK, why are they here? Rob Barry: I’ve known him since he was a kid — thought he probably wishes I hadn’t said that. We ‘met’ I suppose, when he found my BBS. But my first encounter with Rob was when he asked me to help […]