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Where was I?

Before I go on to updating you on various things, congratulations to Mr. Obama for winning the primary. Yo, Hillary, just give it up. I will be honest and say my candidate of choice did not make it far in this election. He’s long gone. Actually, my real candidate of choice didn’t even run. So […]

A Very Near Brush With Death

Right. Step one is a special super thank-you to my bud Ernie Reardon, without whom I would probably not be talking to you all. I’m going to do something really nice for him. Of course he probably won’t let me. Earlier this month on 7 November, I went back to the Gastrointestinologist because my acid […]

Today’s Medical Reports

I am relieved as all hell to report that I do not currently have Barrett’s esophagus which I was afraid I might have. Barrett’s esophagus is a relatively uncommon side effect of Acid Reflux (see multiple previous blog entries) that often leads to esophageal cancer, which is generally fatal. Anyway, I don’t have it so […]

Medical Update: The Final Word

After yet another 1+ hour wait, I have my results. I am not going to die prematurely, at least not from this. Yay. When you’re all done dancing, I’ll continue typing. (Insert Pause Here) I’m going to be brief because my detailed medical history is boring and probably not for publication on the web, though […]

Eric with Tube In Nose

Eric with Tube In Nose This morning I had an esophageal manometry, and then that was followed with the hook-up for the 24-hour pH test. So, here I am with the ever-so-exciting medical device. This is yet another step in the research to prevent my hopefully unlikely and untimely demise. It was done this morning, […]

Today’s Medical Report

Today was my appointment with Dr. V. Alin Bottoman, who I saw because a friend highly recommended him. If you haven’t read my insurance saga, it might be appropriate reading. You may read that at: April 2007. My previous medical update is at March 2007, and lastly if you don’t remember when it started there’s […]

Aetna Blows More than Monica Lewinsky

I fucking HATE insurance companies. Today, I think I shall rip Aetna a new asshole in my blog because they so richly deserve it. They probably have plenty ripped assholes already, so one more ought not bother them. Aetna is comprised of incompetent, idiotic assholes. I think they hope I die before they call back […]

Limited Medical Update

Oh, wait, there isn’t much of one. I’m sick — but don’t feel bad except for the damn infernal 24/7 hacking. The doctor says I’m sick and am suffering from some unknown viral malaise. Doesn’t that sound fun. My throat is shredded to bits from the constant hacking. Talking hurts, so I haven’t been doing […]

Hiatal Hernia

I have a hiatal hernia — those are the results of the endoscopy. Because it’s not too bad, they are not recommending surgery. They expect to continue to treat my acid reflux with Nexium. I am to follow up with the original doctor in about three weeks. The hiatal hernia is causing the acid reflux […]

Eviscerating My Yard with an Endoscopy at Work

First, my lawn was eviscerated by the lawn people: the same lawn people that do our common areas. Only they aren’t my lawn people, and they came on to my property, and hacked my beautiful shrubbery to death with what I would assume was a chainsaw. It’s the latest picture on my Flickr blog if […]