Tag: Air Conditioner

Another Day Poorer

As I said yesterday, my air conditioner was about to die. I came home to a very hot house, so it was lucky today was the scheduled day. It took two guys 3-1/2 hours to replace the compressor and evaporator coil unit. I am keeping my old thermostat because it’s expensive and awesome. This unit […]

Stupid-ass phpBB 3.0.6

So today I upgraded PHMB to phpBB 3.0.6 from version 3.0.5 which was a simple process. What I didn’t realize is that it makes some significant changes that prevent roll-back to 3.0.5 and also prevent most of the new features from working. It also prevents anyone from registering. I’m miffed to say the very least. […]

Good News and Bad News

I came home to a broken AC and my house is damned near 80 degrees and it’s been raining for hours. I hate to think how hot it was before that. While I have a service contract, I’m paying another company to come fix it since the company that has my contract is closed. I […]

More Tidbits. Everyone loves a tidbit.

I went to the Chiropractor today. My shoulder feels noticeably better right now, but overall, it will return to crap in a few hours. I hate that. The pain has slowly been moving further towards the top. My AC at home is still not behaving properly and it’s got me pissed off. I’ll revisit this […]

“I Am David” — The Best Movie You’ve Never Heard Of

So, today, Xelor returned to replace my entire air-conditioning duct system. Fie I say, FIE! They started around 830 or so and finished near to noon. When they showed me the crap growing in and on the old duct-work I was pretty glad it ended up being replaced. A brief scare when one of workers […]

All Sorts of Tidbits

Yesterday my roofers met me at my house after I complained about a leak in my new roof that they have fixed 5 times. I said perhaps they should send a small guy up in the attic to see where the problem really is. They met me, and stuck their head in the attic, insisting […]

A Lizard in the Works

Yeah, the title is a tip-o-the-hat to “Spanner in the Works” but it’s also just what happened. I’ve been crabby all day because I barely slept a wink last night after a short night the previous night. I’m sore, tired, and miserable. So what’s the story? Ah, yes, glad you asked. Last night, around 9ish, […]