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A busy blog post today: Politics, Promotions, Gay Marriage

COMPANY VIDEO First, I’ve posted a short video of Interstate. It’s not a commercial but a promotional video. The real difference is a commercial is trying to sell you something. We’re just telling you a bit about us. This was shot by a private contractor working for BellSouth/AT&T to attach to our Internet ads for […]

A busy day

First up, an update on the Nucor saga. Next week our State Representative is coming to have meeting with me at our office to see what we’re about, why our industry is upset, and then to decide how involved he may get. I’m working on a presentation — I’m missing that laptop right now, let […]

Crashing Airplanes and Obama

First, a little bit on the USAir crash into the Hudson. I had mentioned how fascinating the video of the actual crash was and many of my friends said “Video? There’s VIDEO?” There is, indeed a video of the plane gliding in for a perfect landing in the river as well as the ferries coming […]

More Election Thoughts and Detailed Analysis

In my previous post, I said and now, we boldly go into a new future for America, Americans, and the World. I want to throw lots of stats out to show you what the world things. I have mentioned before that I subscribe to The Economist, a decidedly stodgy old conservative British publication. They opened […]

Barack Obama: President Elect. Congratulations!

Congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama for winning a decisive, historic victory. The electoral college will show a huge win. The popular vote will show otherwise — it’s pretty close like the last two elections. Less than 10% is still close, but it is a mandate by the people and a sign that it’s time for […]

Some Thoughts

The Beatles’ song is still in my head, “Beep, beep, yeah!” for reasons I shan’t share, but will continue to tease you all with. It occurred to me today that many of you enjoy my political postings, though maybe you don’t agree.   I gave money to the Obama campaign recently. As some polls show […]

Obama. Yay.

I watched Obama’s speech last night and I thought it was one of the better political speeches I have ever heard. I’m sure it caught the other camp off guard. It offered some specifics. It offered generalities. It was well delivered, and it made some very strong points against the other camp without being an […]

Heavens to Murgatroid

Thanks to Snaglepuss for today’s subject line which has no bearing on anything at all! Two quick book reviews. First, Cruel Zinc Melodies by Glen Cook, another novel in the Garrett PI series. As all novels in this series, it was enjoyable. There has been less and less humour in each successive novel. That’s not […]

Firefox and Politics

Virtually all Windows PCs ship with IE, giving it a 72% share of the browser market. Firefox, which is typically downloaded rather than factory installed, has a 17% market share, followed by Apple’s Safari at 5%. This is a nice improvement over the old days when IE was well into the 90%. Firefox is slowly […]

In defence of Barack Obama

In defence of Barack Obama. There’s been a lot of crap said about Mr. Obama. Like all politicians some of it true, some of it untrue. But some if it’s just horrible. So, here’s an interesting video that will appeal to all parties. It visually debunks all those stupid-ass Obama myths: he’s a Muslim, won’t […]