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Bill Belichick — Still Classy All The Way (NOT)

In two previous blog posts I have lambasted the arsemunch Bill Belichick for his classless and cheating ways. Classless is not a crime but cheating is. And it looks like Mr. Belichick remains a scumbag, cheating, pile of festering dung. The AP reports: Patriots coach Bill Belichick is declining comment on a tampering accusation levelled […]

Bill Belichick — Classy All The Way

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GIANTS specifically for keeping the Miami Dolphins the only undefeated team in the modern NFL. I am pleased on many counts but that’s the one that matters to me the most. The legacy remains and will remain for a long, long period of time. This was the first time I can remember […]

VideoGate: Belichick’s Cheating Ruins NFL Credibility

I’ll skip the discussion of the travails of the actual incident in questions. It’s pretty much blatant and obvious. I’m going to move right on to my opinions of the NFL’s response. I think it’s a total sham. What a freaking crock of excrement. First and foremost Belichick doesn’t have even have to pay his […]