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Blog Stats through today (from inception)

I ran some statistics on the 93,000+ hits this blog has had. Most, as you know, are related to the topics of Led Zeppelin and Crazy Frog — people come in on those pages and leave from them without ever seeing the rest of the blog. The remaining pages have a steady viewer-ship — the […]

I’ve Moved to Blogger Beta

I’m not sure how this will work, but I’ve decided to be proactive and beat the curve. Let’s see how well it works. Expect a new look really soon. Your patience with my learning curve is appreciated! It’s really frustrating so far. I’ve got to tell you. I’ve added an HR tag between posts until […]

The Newly Tagged Blog

Wow. I have tagged almost every post in my blog — manually. That took two days of detailed HTML editing because Blogger doesn’t really support tags. I’m not big into tags myself, but a careful experiment showed a tagged entry got 10% more hits than an untagged entry. Now if the visitors would all clink […]

Interesting Blog Stats

United States 7263 40.90%   Brazil 4214 23.73%   Canada 1198 6.75%   United Kingdom 675 3.80%   Malaysia 656 3.69%   India 314 1.77%   France 295 1.66%   Argentina 199 1.12%   Philippines 199 1.12%   Mexico 198 1.11%   Singapore 151 0.85%   Germany 149 0.84%   United Arab Emirates 123 0.69% […]

Crazy Frog, Led Zeppelin, and Masturbating

I originally made a post called Crazy Frog or Coldplay back on June 3rd, 2005. Pretty innocuous, eh? Well, it’s interesting because over 25% of the people who find their way to my blog are looking for that post. Another 20% are looking for my post from March 5th, 2005 called Why Led Zeppelin Sucks […]


(DISCLAIMER: This post has absolutely nothing to do with Masturbation) So, I go to my friend Rob’s blog as I do every few days and I run across this post entitled masturbation-mania! Well, it’s got nothing to do with masturbation at all. However, he observes that by simply using it in a previous post, his […]

Various Visitors

I find this blog thing interesting. I started with much trepidation. And, in fact, my feelings haven’t changed much. It has, however, become much more interesting. I wonder how people are finding my blog. I made a post “Led Zeppelin Sucks” (or click here) and there are a number of replies from people I don’t […]

A Whole New Look

So, what do you readers think? You like the new visual design? Thanks to Erin for helping with the style sheet. I think it’s a lot spiffier than before. Suggestions welcome, too 🙂 

Ah, yes, the blog is fixed

Hello: As you may have noticed the blog’s been a bit, um, well, unhappy lately. The archives were broken on most browsers. The formatting, text, and colours were shot. All sorts of unholy stuff. The blog is now fully functioning again and everything is (apparently) fixed. The blog blew up the other day and stopped […]

Boogers, Blogs, and Browsers

Don’t you just hate when my subject line in unrelated to the contents of the post? Should I stop? I’ll take opinions on that. I’m back to Firefox. Happily, it now works with my bank’s site. They didn’t fix Firefox, so they must have fixed my bank’s site. That was why I went back to […]