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My Blog Links

You have noticed I’ve added links to some blogs. OK, why are they here? Rob Barry: I’ve known him since he was a kid — thought he probably wishes I hadn’t said that. We ‘met’ I suppose, when he found my BBS. But my first encounter with Rob was when he asked me to help […]

Well It’s Time To Go Public

I am going to announce my blog later tonight or tomorrow. I’m done tinkering with the look as best as I can. I’m curious to see if people think I should keep going with this or if I’m just boring everyone 🙂 Blogger.com is neat in one aspect. It’s easy to set up a blog […]

Welcome to my Blog

I am not sure if anyone’s going to read it, or if I’m going to do this as an ongoing project but at least I’ve CREATED a blog. I’m so special. Not. — Eric