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Vanishing Posts

At least one post 12 October 2008 wasn’t in the new blog. I’ve been monitoring it carefully and when I see an inbound link that goes nowhere I can fix it. All of them have been adjustments to path names. I’ve only got two difficult posts. One I solved after realizing it couldn’t resolve because […]

Things Of Randomness

My guest bathroom now has new fixtures: nice, brushed pewter things to replace the ugliness that was there before. My downstairs bathroom also has a new fixture to replace the ugliness that was there before. I’ve also got a new flapper in the downstairs commode to replace the wonky one. I am pleased with the […]

WordPress (Do you need a job?)

This blog is published using Blogger (a Google company) but hosted on my own website so I can make sure things operate the way I want and not the way they want. This includes being able to fix individual files and graphics when they go wonky and such. In March, just 60 days away, Blogger […]

All Sorts of Blogger Weirdness

Okay, first some people still can’t comment. This is aggravating as hell. I’ve signed off, signed on, and tried it both on a Mac and PC and have no troubles. Other people do. It seems to be a problem with the comment box issue. Evan e-mailed me and said hitting tab a few times got […]

Hockey and Lips

I went to the local Urgent Care Centre last night and my stitches are infected. Yay me. Blech. I am now on an antibiotic and have to go back to have them removed tomorrow if all goes well. I hope so because they really hurt. They pretty much implied they weren’t installed properly, nor was […]

The 100,000th hit will happen….

…. in the next 12 hours but I won’t be on-line to see it. The counter is down near the bottom, and you can even click the little planet icon to get some semi-anonymous type statistics. I’m just amazed at how far this blog has come. I could thank Technorati, but they have contributed all […]

Why Blogger Beta Sucks

This was reported over one month ago via the Blogger contact mechanism. I never got any reply. I understand it’s free, and I guess I’m getting what I’m paying for. This problem happens only with New Blogger (Blogger Beta that is not theoretically Beta anymore — it was not an issue with the Original Blogger). […]

Blogger Beta and WordPress

I have made a decision to switch to WordPress because Blogger Beta pretty much bites ass. It’s slower and has too many quirks. All my e-mails to tech support resulted in a 100% response rate: zero. And all of the bugs remain and now they’ve announced they’re coming out of beta and going live. It […]