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Blu-Ray Phasers and Classic Advertising

Today is laundry day. And it’s also a football weekend. The Cowboys lost and that is an awesome thing because I hate them but on the other hand it was to Minnesota, who I used to like. Until they got Brett “Whiny Bitch” Farve, who I can’t stand. The Jets and Colts both won and […]

A Special Hello to Wiley, Rein & Fielding

A special hello to Wiley, Rein, and Fielding who still visit my blog. Today someone at WRF actually Googled me by name. W00T! I’m sure they know they’re leaving digital footprints that are recorded. One would hope so, but judging from their high quality research in their first Nucor filing, perhaps not. I think Nucor […]

Friday Randomness and PirateBay

First, from CNET, we have the confirmation of the long-awaited and long-rumoured Lord of the Rings on Blu-Ray. Woot. This excites me on so many levels. The actual report is about the boom in Blu-Ray sales which are, no matter what anyone says, the result of HD-DVD’s collapse which caused player prices to plummet. Second, […]

Disc vs Disk

I am reminded of a long-term pet peeve by Spencer F Katt’s column in the 22 September 2008 issue of e-week magazine. In writing about technology there is both a Disc and a Disk. They are not interchangeable, and they don’t mean the same thing. Here’s a guide to getting it right. First, a Disc […]

Ding Dong, HD-DVD is Dead

Stick a fork in it, because it’s over. It’s official. Today, Toshiba has announced that HD-DVD is no more and will be relegated to the bin of history. For the first time, consumers have won in receiving a quality product instead of the cheaper product. Blu-Ray is here to stay and coming within the next […]

PS2 Most-Played Console in June according to Nielsen

Excerpt: NEW YORK (AP) – More than 68 million people played video games on a console last month, spending much of it on Sony Corp.’s older PlayStation 2, according to Nielsen research. Seven years after its launch, Sony’s PS2 was still the most-played console, accounting for 42 percent of video game use during the month. […]

HD-DVD versus Blu-Ray: Strike One

Ah, the video wars: HD-DVD versus Blu-Ray. I’ve been a champion of Blu-Ray for a number of reasons, and now it looks like the first real step towards a “winner” has been made. Blockbuster is going to go Blu-Ray. I favour Blu-Ray because it’s a better viewing experience, it stores a larger amount of data […]

The Most Exciting Numbers Since Lost

The last numbers that generated this much excitement were “4 8 15 16 23 42” from the hit TV show Lost. What is it about the code “O9_F9_ll_o2_9D_74_E3” when coupled with “5B_D8_41_56_C5_63_56_88_CO” that has everyone so riled up? A fascinating question for the uninitiated. That code (at least through 1 May 2007) would unlock any […]