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A busy blog post today: Politics, Promotions, Gay Marriage

COMPANY VIDEO First, I’ve posted a short video of Interstate. It’s not a commercial but a promotional video. The real difference is a commercial is trying to sell you something. We’re just telling you a bit about us. This was shot by a private contractor working for BellSouth/AT&T to attach to our Internet ads for […]

Seven Hundred Posts*….

… but there will be no celebration today. WJM: you damn well better pull through. I’ll kill you if you don’t. I will come after you. I’m angry with you. We had a deal. (But I’m still sending happy, healing thoughts your way.) Hockey season is upon us as season ticket booklets have arrived. I […]

What I Believe

(First, congratulations to Erin on her new TV. She saw it yesterday whilst we were browsing various stores and decided to buy it. So this morning I went with her in my new X5 — with the skanky iDrive system but otherwise wonderful — to move it back to her house. I must say, after […]

Call Me Paranoid

Call me paranoid, but I am greatly concerned about this upcoming election. I see a number of scenarios in which the Republican Party tries to steal the election. I don’t believe it’ll be McCain’s doing because he’s not an evil man, though his running mate is an evil woman. I see possibilities for massive voter […]

Irony In Spades and Stupid-Ass Insurance Companies

In a statement regarding new sanctions against Zimbabwe today, President Bush declares that “No regime should ignore the will of its own people and calls from the international community without consequences.” That quote is from whitehouse.gov so there’s no media slant at all. Apparently, he doesn’t realize his own words apply to him as well. […]

John McCain on John McCain

My, oh my, oh my. Yes, now this YouTube video is another great one. A few days ago, I published Olbermann’s amazing rant on Bush. (Also included below in this post). Well, if you don’t believe McCain is just more Bush in a different wrapper, allow me to present the ultimate expert on the subject: […]

Welcome to a New Sponsor and Stuff

First, a warm welcome to my new sponsor www.guidetoonlineschools.com which is sponsoring some technology related posts in my blog. They picked this post first and may add other posts if they feel they’re doing well. As always, fees paid are not disclosed. I’m not getting rich, but that isn’t what this blog is about. I’ve […]

Bush’s religious zealotry

I just need to point something out to my small core of faithful readers. Once again, I read where Bush is saying he looks to God for answers. It bothers me on many levels because the Constitution, last I checked, clearly mandates the separation of Church and State. This means, among many things, you can’t […]

Bush and the Deficit

The US is nearing its credit limit according to Henry Paulson, the treasury secretary. Yes, not only have the past seven years turned us from a budget surplus to being in the hole, that hole is now $8.9 trillion dollars. Trillion. With a “T” to be exact. Or in numbers that’s $8,965,000,000,000 — which is […]

Fuck Bush Says a Student Newspaper

The headline and editorial ran thusly: “Taser this FUCK BUSH” I will withhold comment on the lack of proper punctuation in said headline. That was the entirety of a four-word column in the student-run Rocky Mountain Collegian. I think that’s great. But in response to the headline, it’s way too juvenile for a professional newspaper […]