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Hong Kong Saturday

It’s another Saturday night and here I am in Hong Kong after a very long day. It started well with an awesome breakfast which was, this being Hong Kong, insanely overpriced. English style Eggs, Bacon, and Toast with coffee for around US$40. Our first meeting was pretty much pointless for me, but it was Greg’s […]

Macao/Hong Kong

I am now at the Four Seasons Hong Kong. Friday was packed — it’s about 650am Saturday as I finish this post. Woke up early, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my hair* — met the Maks for breakfast. A real buffet at any rate with lots of meat and stuff. Tasty stuff. […]

China/Macao — through Thurs PM

Here I am at the Wynn Macao where the internet isn’t censored. I can send e-mail, visit websites and be normal (as normal as I can be anyway). When we last left our intrepid traveller I had arrived at our hotel in Ningbo where my computer was under constant attack. The next day we had […]