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Facebook Privacy, Cooking Cats, and We Are The World 2010

In an unusual move one of the largest Seti@Home crunchers in the world has offered himself up for auction. He’s #21 in the world. Steve from our team bid $200 to lure him to our team and I threw in another $50 — donations go to the Seti@Home coffers. The thread is here. This paragraph […]

Spectacular Fail

I had a nice early holiday at Grandma’s. Me, Mom, and my Aunt all chipped in and got her a 26″ LCD flat screen to replace her 21″ tube TV which was slowly dying. Sophia (a vendor of mine in China) sent a beautiful walking cane for her. By far the nicest gift of the […]

NASA Confirms Life On Mars

Well, almost. Bacteria is life of a sort. NASA is expected to confirm that there was life on Mars sixteen million years ago. They have reportedly found evidence of bacteria that does not have terrestrial origins. This advance report in the UK’s Telegraph is astounding. Dr Emily Baldwin sums it up best herself, “If the […]

End Of NIFS and the Flight Home

The purple bit is excerpted from our corporate Facebook page (full note here): We’ve always had warehouse cats, for over 30 years in fact. We’re on train tracks – now abandoned — and if you’re on train tracks, you have a mouse problem. After trying two-legged professionals, we found the four-legged professionals worked better, are […]

Apple, Ghosts, MacBook vs MacBook Pro

Thanks to Suzie-Q and Randy who came back with answers on the MacBook v MacBook Pro. Amazingly none of my local geek friends answered or knew the answers. Their answers — not fact checked because I trust them — are: MacBook is less durable because it has a polycarbonate case versus the MacBook Pro which […]

Dental Hell and the Death of a Florida Panther

Today was the first of several dental visits I will have as the result of my accident. Today’s work involved the upper right side of my mouth and was unrelated to the accident. But we got that one out of the way because it was easy. I begged him to do two teeth per visit, […]

Oh what a day….

As if. Anyway, last night I finally was able to fix a long-established irritant on my Mac. There’s an ACL error that has always shown up in my monthly disk-check feature. All articles say it’s harmless and just an irritant. However, it makes DiskUtility take an hour to run instead of 3 or 4 minutes […]

Scooter Update 4.3A

The news will be tomorrow. There will be no news today due to complications unrelated to me or Scooter. There was an emergency involving another critter in the vet’s office. I had only 10 minutes of visiting time tonight and she was very happy to see me. I hope it’s early in the day ’cause […]

Breaking News On Identity Theft

I came home to a phone message from a South Florida police agency (to be named later) that someone has been arrested with oodles of my personal information and asking if I’ve been the victim of Identity Theft. I missed the detective in question, but I left him a detailed voice mail and told him […]

Today’s Randomness

I came home today, shut the door quickly as I’ve done for many years to keep the cat from getting out, and was like suddenly “oh, damn.” More leaky eyes. Then, I opened my mail and there was a nice sympathy card from the vet. Not a form card either. She wrote a personal message. […]