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Scooter News — More

The orthopaedic guy has inspected Scooter. She is not a candidate for anything but the most minor surgery The odds on there being anything that can be done are close to zero. Doctors Cabeza, Child, Diaz, and he all agree. That’s four vets with the same basic opinion. However, it might be a small tumor […]

Scooter Visit (Tues)

I went to visit Scooter today after work, or more accurately I left work before 4pm and went to visit Scooter. They made me wait a few minutes before I could see her. Because she can’t be moved, I have to visit her back in the actual clinic — they normally don’t allow visitors. But […]

Quick Scooter Update :(

I don’t have too much to report and what I have is not good. I didn’t get any further answers out of the emergency vet last night, so this morning I called the regular vet. He called the emergency vet and he has no ideas either. I spoke the head doctor at the emergency vet […]

No More Scooter News Really

No More Scooter News Really Scooter is still in hospital. All tests so far are negative, and the gas is gone and she’s still immobile. The vet is running additional tests in an effort find the problem. She’s not comfortable at all and there’s no clue as to the issue. I am expecting additional news […]

A Lazy Sunday

First, Robert Lynn Asprin, author of the Myth series of novels as well as the Phule’s Company series of novels is dead from natural causes in New Orleans. He died in May in bed whilst reading a Terry Pratchett novel. I just found out when I got my new issue of Locus Magazine. Second, Adrian […]

More Car and More Politics and Scooter

CAR I have insurance. Yay. Tomorrow, I begin regular use of my new car. My MDX has been turned in after its inspection (passed just fine). I put the HAT TRK tag on the X5 though it’s still technically registered to the MDX. One hopes BMW is making haste with that transfer. (I have a […]

Scooter Update 3.0

Hello Boys and Girls: Today’s Scooter Update: After an all-day fast (poor kitty) so she could be sedated for an x-ray, I come home to a ravenous kitty who looks like she wants to bite me. Her plaintive meow is responded to by me picking her up and shoving her delicately as possible into a […]

Today’s Medical Reports

I am relieved as all hell to report that I do not currently have Barrett’s esophagus which I was afraid I might have. Barrett’s esophagus is a relatively uncommon side effect of Acid Reflux (see multiple previous blog entries) that often leads to esophageal cancer, which is generally fatal. Anyway, I don’t have it so […]

Iriomote Cats, English Teachers, Yellow Submarine, and Bush Declares Martial Law

Today we have another random group of eclectic posts. Way back in December 2006, I wrote about the Baiji Dolphin become extinct. Truly a sad thing, indeed. Well, it’s about to happen again to another species. Now, Japan’s Iriomote Cat is Headed for Annihilation according to the latest news. I am far more saddened about […]

Cat Thyroid Disease Causes

This link was sent to me first by Evan followed by several other friends over the next few hours: The article starts: An epidemic of thyroid disease among pet cats could be caused by toxic flame retardants that are widely found in household dust and some pet food, government scientists reported Wednesday. And goes on […]