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A busy day: Deaths and Cars and such

First, RIP to Karl Malden a fine veteran actor who died today at 97. RIP to another from one of my all-time favourite shows, Mollie Sugden — the legendary Mrs Slocombe – also died today at 87: she was one of the highlights of the legendary Britcom Are You Being Served. A sad day and […]

Michael Jackson

I’ve decided to blog about Michael Jackson briefly. Why so? He’s auctioning off tons of his stuff. I realize nobody I know would actually want it, but still. Looking through the online auction catalog is utterly fascinating. You can order one for $100 or $500 with autograph. As if. I met Michael Jackson once when […]

Why Cal Still Rocks

I am no apologist when it comes to homerism and the University of California at Berkeley. It is widely regarded as one of the best schools in the world, and on many of those lists it is declared the best university in the world beating out the rest, so says even the London Times. I […]

Anna Nicole Smith Dead

Yeah. I realize it’s a sad time for her troubled family. I am not criticizing her in this post nor am I judging her. I just have one question. Why is this national news? It’s a tragedy when one of my relatives dies, but why does anyone care — it certainly doesn’t make the paper. […]

Almost Famous

Someone had asked me last week if I was ‘friends’ with anyone famous. That’s interesting because everyone defines ‘friend’ differently. We drifted off into the do you know anyone famous, and then would anyone famous recognize you discussions? So I decided to compile a list of sorts. Feel free to us the comments field to […]