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Why Blogger Beta Sucks

This was reported over one month ago via the Blogger contact mechanism. I never got any reply. I understand it’s free, and I guess I’m getting what I’m paying for. This problem happens only with New Blogger (Blogger Beta that is not theoretically Beta anymore — it was not an issue with the Original Blogger). […]

Beatles on iTunes and iPod: One Step Closer?

Apple (Computer) Inc. has reached a surprise agreement with Apple Corps Ltd., the record label started by The Beatles in 1968, concerning the use of the name “Apple” and related logos. Under the terms of the agreement announced Monday, Apple Inc. (formerly Apple Computer) will own all trademarks and logos related to the name “Apple” […]

Another reason to hate Windows Vista

If you read these DRM comments and still install it, you’re a nutter. Seriously, you can’t play selected CDs, you can’t use selected hardware and cables. It’s just screwed. Seriously, I am anti-Microsoft and I gladly admit that, but these things are even worse than you could imagine. If you must use Windows, at least […]

Hating SCO and their nasty, evil ways

I have not had much to say in public, but I’ve had lots to say in private as my friends know. Anyway, thanks to Jose, I have this link wherein SCO was officially and legally flamed yesterday by the judge and told to stuff it where the sun don’t shine. The dance is pretty much […]

The World of Smartboards

Okay, this is cool: The World of Smartboards. You really do need to watch this video — it’s only about 3 minutes long and it gets cooler as it goes along so be patient through the initial metaphysical stuff if that isn’t your thing. The technology is patented by Apple, no less. There have been […]

Symantec Lets Users Down. Collusion With Sony? Another reason to own a Mac.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Sony’s rootkit CD protection scheme that silently loaded itself onto every PC on which one of its CDs was played and how it recently backfired quite literally. It’s been all over the news, and is, I might add, another reason you shouldn’t be using a Windows based PC. However, […]

Emoticon Idiots

I have a small peeve. It’s the rampant misuse of the emoticon 😛 Many users use 😛 as an indication of “funny” or perhaps “happy” or to otherwise indicate mirth. The 😛 emoticon signifies a raspberry, which specifically, is what you do when you stick out your tongue and blow air and spittle forward (see: […]

Installing Mac OS-X on a Dell

[This post updated 6-7-05 with additional information and citations] Yes, it’s true. Sometime in 2007, you will likely be able to install OS-X 10.5 on your crappy-ass Dell. Apple is losing the big competitive difference they once had. Instead, they’re becoming one of the pack. Apple’s sales may go up, but what made us love […]

Firefox Rocks Again

(This bit from 4-29-05)Yeah, I’ve posted about Firefox before. However, today it reached an amazing milestone. 50 million Downloads. Yeah, can you believe that? For several years, IE has commanded in excess of 95% share of the web browser market despite the fact it sucks more than a nymphomaniac in heat (this applies across all […]

Computer Things That Vex Me

Firefox got rid of my favourite Mozilla feature. Mozilla had many flaws that Firefox does not, but it could give me a pop-up window when my favourite sites were updated. Many go months without a change. I miss that feature. Any way to make it happen on Firefox Mac? I use MacLink Plus to convert […]