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Paul McCartney Rocks SunLife Stadium

It was twenty years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play. Okay, that’s totally inaccurate but it remains a fine way to begin a Beatles related post. The concert began with a pre-concert meal at the Hard Rock Casino, but since I was a bit early, I decided to donate some money to […]

Clapton In Review

I guess I’ll make my official first CONTENT post on the new blog and begin with a review of the Eric Clapton concert 11 March 2010 at Bank Atlantic Center. This is my first Clapton concert, but it likely won’t be my last. His opening act was Roger Daltry. Roger said he was the “supporting […]

The Big-Ass Concert Post to End All Concert Posts

Mom had mentioned that my cousin Ken could rattle off every concert he ever went to. I’m just not that good with my memory in some things. However, I do save my ticket stubs and so I was able to compile this list. Venue names are the name of the venue as printed on the […]

Gypsies In The Palace: Jimmy Buffet Concert Review

I saw the 2010 Summerzcool Tour final date at BankAtlantic center last night (27 Feb) with Evan, Brenda, Greg, Gaby, Mom, and Karen. We started at Renegade for and early dinner. We were there at 515, Karen followed two minutes later, John and Liz right after that. Evan and Brenda brought up the rear. I’ve […]

What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas (Part Two)

At the same time Karen and I were at the ER, a dozen people were at Caesars Palace when their escalator malfunctioned, hurling them off. Coincidentally they were all taken to the hospital we were at. Read all about it here. Readers of Terry Pratchett all know CMOT Dibbler — he’s a fictional character in […]

Kiss Alive 35 Concert Review, Nucor (Brief), and Announcements

Disc versus Disk. I covered this in my blog well over a year ago (see here) and now none other than Apple Computer has weighed in on the same subject. They pretty much mirror my explanation with one notable exception. Nice to know they agree with me. I want to plug this post called 121 […]

Happy Birthday Mom (Trip Report)

Mom’s surprise trip has concluded, and I am now back home. She’s due back in Orlando any minute (if the airplane gods are kind). So. Mom’s trip was to see a Tina Turner Concert. I kept that part from her right until 30 minutes before the show. I hosed her good! That was Saturday Night. […]

The Long Road Out of Eden (Eagles, Sunrise Florida, 26 Jan 2009)

Concert Review: As Frey called it, this was the “Assisted Living Tour” and it was funny, though after reading reviews posted elsewhere online, I now realize the entire show down to the jokes were scripted. It didn’t feel scripted, so I don’t care. I think Frey’s funniest comment was that “mother is only half a […]

England: The Rest

Went to the O2 Arena to see the special New Year’s Eve programme (excerpts shown on NBC with Carson here in the USA via tape delay) which was broadcast live on ITV1. The O2 is an amazing arena. It’s been — since it opened — voted the best arena in the WORLD by Pollstar and […]

Elton John’s Red Piano: The Review

Red Piano. Yay. I’ve wanted to see Elton’s Red Piano show since it opened but Elton never checked his schedule with mine and every chance I ever had to be in Vegas, Elton was elsewhere. I usually missed him by just a few days. Finally, courtesy of Greg and Gaby, we had tickets for the […]