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Hockey (Olympics, Panthers, NHL, and so much more)

The Olympic gold medal game USA versus Canada became the highest rated television program in Canadian history. Period. Over half the country watched. I think that’s great but ratings in the US were through the roof too, with 27.6 million people watching (more than the entire population of Canada) and the highest rated hockey game […]

It’s A Quarter Million!

It’s official. I’ve broken the quarter-million mark. 17 October 2004 was the start date. I passed the quarter million mark 2 Jan 2010. Congratulations to me. And thanks to all of you for putting up with this blog listening to what I have to say and sometimes even commenting on it. And now on with […]

Mises jour aléatoires pour aujourd’hui

Ah, yes, today is a day. I recognized it as such when I awakened. On the plus side, I think I got damned near five total hours of sleep last night, nearly three of them in a row. That’s a big improvement, and I’m pretty sure the problem with my sleep is the neck which […]

Day of Atonement (A Rare Religious Post)

(Shana Tova / Happy New Year / שנה טובה) and (Tsom Kal / Good and Easy Fast) to all my Jewish friends and family. And thanks to Google for helping me look up the Hebrew lettering. [If you don’t have the correct font installed, the lettering in purple will not render on your screen.] Today […]

The Day From Hell

It started off okay. Woke up, had a cup of tea (Decaf Earl Grey) with loads of milk and sugar. I never drink tea in the states, and this is God’s way of punishing me for breaking with custom. Met everyone at OPH for breakfast (everyone: Three Higgi, Three Berners) and the food was fine […]

Satellite Items

Okay, just a brief note. I’ve had DirecTV for many years and I still really like it despite some arcane rules on what they can and can’t broadcast to a specific neighborhood*. I still think it’s fantastic and can’t imagine why anyone would ever get cable. Cable sucks. I had cable for years and I […]