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A busy blog post today: Politics, Promotions, Gay Marriage

COMPANY VIDEO First, I’ve posted a short video of Interstate. It’s not a commercial but a promotional video. The real difference is a commercial is trying to sell you something. We’re just telling you a bit about us. This was shot by a private contractor working for BellSouth/AT&T to attach to our Internet ads for […]

At least you’ve got your job….

…. or maybe not. So I (on the company dime) bought $351 worth of tickets for the Panthers vs Rangers game for some business associates who were coming into to see us. I had tried to get seats in our section, but I couldn’t, so I bought these and sold mine to Johnny B. I […]

Gas Breaks $4

Okay, so this weekend we saw lots of Diesel gas approaching $4 but not hitting. Today, at the station by my house, it’s $4.01 and regular is $3.33 — though I’ve seen as high as $3.49 for regular. Premium is $3.50 to $3.60! I never really thought I’d see gas with a “4” as a […]