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A Visit Avec Mom

Flew up CO and we boarded on time, sat on the tarmac for twenty for an engine check, and were off after that. Arrived twenty late due to late departure, but we had an unusual flight path right near Disney, so had a nice view of everything. Pilot was like twelve years old and that […]

A Few Things

First, to amuse the hell out of everyone, my mother sent me a thank you note for her recent birthday plane trip. It’s written on the back of a Virgin Atlantic BARF BAG. I really laughed hard. It was really sincere, but that certainly sent mixed signals. I will cherish this always along with the […]

Happy Birthday Mom (Trip Report)

Mom’s surprise trip has concluded, and I am now back home. She’s due back in Orlando any minute (if the airplane gods are kind). So. Mom’s trip was to see a Tina Turner Concert. I kept that part from her right until 30 minutes before the show. I hosed her good! That was Saturday Night. […]

Today’s Medical Reports

I am relieved as all hell to report that I do not currently have Barrett’s esophagus which I was afraid I might have. Barrett’s esophagus is a relatively uncommon side effect of Acid Reflux (see multiple previous blog entries) that often leads to esophageal cancer, which is generally fatal. Anyway, I don’t have it so […]

Update on Dad II

A number of you have written asking for the latest update on dad. On the plus side, he’s definitely doing better. There is no question of that. He is also definitely not cured. I’d love to tell you he’s in remission, but he isn’t. However the news he got was good news. Only one mass […]

Update on Dad.

Hi All: There is an update on Dad. I want to thank those of you who have sent your support. He has gotten two opinions from two different doctors at two different hospitals and they concur on the diagnosis. The cancer is stage 3. It has not responded to initial chemotherapy treatments. It has not […]

Lung Cancer in the Family

Dad had his last full and complete physical in May 2006. This November, when I went to the Fastener show, Dad wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t sure if he would even go. He was having a little trouble breathing and we all gave him a bit of a hard time, telling him old age wasn’t […]