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You’re Fat

You’re fat**. That’s what so many people feel, myself included. Obesity is on the rise in the developed world and that’s no secret nor is it even in dispute. The reasons, on the other hand, are. Many people have long suspected the introduction of high-fructose corn syrup is the leading cause of girth. I’m not […]

One Day Down

Today was a busy, busy day. Sleep? I do not understand this word and wish someone would explain it to me. The day started with our first meeting at 830 am and we moved it to another venue due to crowds but were done in by service. I got a really, really, really awesome gift […]

Go Bears and Pizza

US News and World Report released its annual “Best Public Universities in The Nation” list. Sitting right at the top in first position is, again, UC Berkeley. Another organization has released its list of the best Universities in the world (public or private) and I’d like to tell you that Cal was at the top […]

Today’s Collection Of Commentary and Foodstuffs

I am tired. Really tired. First, this awesome article on The Beatles and what today’s kids think of them, from a reporter with the London Times. I can’t remember which friend provided this, but I like it. Yeah, the Beatles are cool generation after generation. Second, this video is from Jose’s Facebook page: (Link gone […]