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Food. Tasty, tasty food

I ate at a new Italian restaurant near my house called Il Forno. Fancy place, terrible, terrible location so I don’t hold out much hope they’ll survive for very long. Which is too bad because it’s pretty decent as far as the food goes. The bread is very similar to a pita and served with olive oil. […]

Facebook Privacy, Cooking Cats, and We Are The World 2010

In an unusual move one of the largest Seti@Home crunchers in the world has offered himself up for auction. He’s #21 in the world. Steve from our team bid $200 to lure him to our team and I threw in another $50 — donations go to the Seti@Home coffers. The thread is here. This paragraph […]

Youth In Revolt (Movie Review)

We started the day with breakfast at Original House of Pancakes where I got the Mandarin orange crepes. Karen got a bacon and egg sandwich on sourdough. She wanted a car wash, so we went and waited while they washed it. As they were drying it, a bird kept shitting on the roof because they […]

London Day Four (Food from Hell)

Today is a legal holiday so things are still closed sporadically. More importantly, all shops are filled to the gills. Last year, to help the economy, the VAT tax was lowered from 17.5% down to something lower (maybe 12% or 15%) and on 12-31-09 they are returning to its former level. The weather is beautiful, […]

Boxing Day in London (Trip Day Two)

Boxing Day, a true English tradition brings the legendary sales with tens of thousands of people mobbing every store, most notably Harrods. So, of course, we avoided most of those places. We woke up to a dreary, wet, cold, day and went to our usual breakfast place only to find that their cook had done […]

Christmas Stuff

Just a quick post as I kill some time. The Christmas Party at work was a success. We had it catered by Boston Market instead of Stephen’s Deli for the first time in decades after two disappointing performances in a row. It was more money but very well received. Turkey, brisket, ham, corn, mashed potatoes, […]

Spectacular Fail

I had a nice early holiday at Grandma’s. Me, Mom, and my Aunt all chipped in and got her a 26″ LCD flat screen to replace her 21″ tube TV which was slowly dying. Sophia (a vendor of mine in China) sent a beautiful walking cane for her. By far the nicest gift of the […]

Old Mother Hubbard

This is another post in my series of titles that has little or nothing to do with the content. While it’s bad for traffic, it greatly amuses me. Or maybe it’s a gentle poke at Grant. You decide for yourself. I just finished dinner. I made almost a pound of burger meat (extra lean) and […]

A Very Not Beatles Christmas

First, this oddity from Stevenson. These are the rantings of someone who said he went to a parallel universe where the Beatles hadn’t broken up and he ran into someone who told him all sorts of stories and whatnot. He came back with a tape of an album of unreleased Beatles songs. These songs, are […]

Burning Dinner

Let’s start with an admission. I can’t cook many things, but a few things I can cook and cook them well: Steak, Burgers, Chicken and Rice, and Spaghetti with various sauces (marinara, garlic and butter). So it pains me to say I bought over the weekend a $16 one pound filet mignon. I’ve cooked a […]