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Meat. Yummmmmmmmmm……

First, some prep-work for this anecdote: http://www.digitalcity.com/2009/02/19/diner-vs-dinner–biggest-steak-challenges-across-the-country/ (Reading this will put you in the right frame of mind for this post. It will probably also make you hungry.) PETA – People Eating Tasty AnimalsSupport PETA — more meat for me My record is approximately 40oz achieved at Kokomo’s at the Mirage in Las Vegas — […]

Science Fiction, Double Feature (RHPS)

Well in a post-birthday celebration, we had a great evening out. First, we (everyone except Karen and Timmy) ended up going to Renegade, the awesome BBQ restaurant at the Hard Rock. I tasted alligator — the first time I’ve ever eaten it. It tastes like ….. chicken …. and I wasn’t even going to eat […]

Vegas Trip Summary

As you know it was a trade show that brought me to Las Vegas on Saturday morning for a stay until Wednesday. The weekend was Greg and Gaby’s 15th anniversary, and perversely, they invited me and Austri to spend it with them. We met up with them around 5pm Saturday for an early dinner at […]

Stuff I am currently thinking about….

I miss the Fab One-Shot. The best laundry product ever. I discovered it in college. Obviously invented by a guy. No need to think. One packet in with the clothes andit contained detergent, fabric softener, everything. Then move the whole batch to the dryer. All done. SCORE! The Aero bar. No longer available in the […]

Robin Williams’ Reality What A Concept

When I was a kid — 300 to 400 years ago — I first heard Robin Williams’ album “Reality … What a Concept” and it was uproariously funny (subversively bawdy might be a good term). I believe it was my cousin Mike who first played this album for me. I never forgot it, though my […]