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Blu-Ray Phasers and Classic Advertising

Today is laundry day. And it’s also a football weekend. The Cowboys lost and that is an awesome thing because I hate them but on the other hand it was to Minnesota, who I used to like. Until they got Brett “Whiny Bitch” Farve, who I can’t stand. The Jets and Colts both won and […]

The Dolphins! J-Lo! Twitter!

Thank God! The Dolphins finally won a game. And they did it convincingly! Skating ended up being cancelled today. Evan, John, Liz, and Pablo all bailed so I ended up home alone. More on that later. So, around 145 Karen showed up and we drove off to Landshark Stadium. That’s a great name for a […]

Jimmy Buffett, Awkward and Incestuous with a Fortune Cookie Chaser

First, the Head Parrothead (Jimmy Buffett) has just had Dolphin Stadium renamed to Landshark Stadium (I like the name) after his beer, Landshark Beer in exchange for no money. They get personal appearances, etc, by his parrotness. He also re-did his famous song Fins with Dolphin lyrics. Thanks to Razzie for the URL to the […]

Go Bears!

Right. Being here in England, I ended up missing the Emerald Bowl. It’s now 210am back home or 710am Sunday morning here. I read the news today, oh boy. And.. and… and… and… WE WON! A note from the AP Wire: Bay Area fans clad in blue and gold filled all but a few thousand […]

Bill Belichick — Still Classy All The Way (NOT)

In two previous blog posts I have lambasted the arsemunch Bill Belichick for his classless and cheating ways. Classless is not a crime but cheating is. And it looks like Mr. Belichick remains a scumbag, cheating, pile of festering dung. The AP reports: Patriots coach Bill Belichick is declining comment on a tampering accusation levelled […]

Bill Belichick — Classy All The Way

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GIANTS specifically for keeping the Miami Dolphins the only undefeated team in the modern NFL. I am pleased on many counts but that’s the one that matters to me the most. The legacy remains and will remain for a long, long period of time. This was the first time I can remember […]