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Corporate Identity Theft Continues

There’s so much more now. This morning at 850am I received a call from Kathy at the AT&T Fraud department who said our lines were still being forwarded (which didn’t seem right because I can call myself and it rings at the office). She refused to call to fix it, saying that she wasn’t authorized. […]

Corporate Identity Theft, Losing an SUV, Celebrity Deaths

First, RIP to ex-heartthrob Farrah Fawcett of Charlies Angels fame who died earlier today of cancer. Many of my friends and I were fond of looking at her iconic poster from the late 1970s / early 1980s. The poster is one of the most iconic, if not the most iconic one of its era. She’ll […]

Identity Theft : Just When You Thought It Was Over

I got a call at work today from a credit card company. On 11 February someone applied for a credit card online. On the plus side there’s an IP address. Also, blocking your credit report helps. I received a call at work to confirm I applied for said card. They call the address on the […]

Stuff. Fraud. Car. Food. Etc.

Thanks to Jay for dinner at PrimeBlue this evening. Never heard of it, but it was a fine meal. Too much food was ordered but we’re both at fault. I absolutely am learning to loathe iDrive as it sucks ass. It’s clearly the “Microsoft” design philosophy: counter-intuitive at every turn. But I mostly like my […]

Identity Theft And BankAtlantic A New Case

I had a long, involved fraud case with BankAtlantic from February of this year. There were three posts (One, Two, Three) and I only refer to them for my less-frequent readers. I had decided to keep my money there because it was convenient, they noted my new account (and all closed accounts) that there were […]

Fraud Case Update Part Two

My money is back in my account as of this morning. YAY! However, there’s more. Because my old on-line banking account was locked out because of fraud, I had to go to the branch (my local branch) to reactivate it with the new account. Well guess what, kiddies? There was a new on-line account created […]

Fraud Case Update

This is an update to my previous post. I can’t reveal much more yet due to an ongoing investigation and the fact I don’t want to compromise it. This will take quite a while so don’t expect much more than what you read here for months. Happily, I should have my money back within 48 […]

Eric Defrauded. Police Called. People Arrested.

First, I want to assure you I will gladly and fully cooperate in any investigation and gladly testify and cooperate in any way. I want the people who did this to stay in jail for a very, very long time. Here’s what transpired so far. This is edited to remove details from an ongoing investigation. […]