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He Shoots, He Scores. Au revoir, Les Habs :)

Yeah, okay, let’s start with a hockey post. Richard Zednik (he of the slashed throat) scored one of the most amazing goals seen since “The Goal” scored by Billy Lindsay. View Zednik’s Goal Here [LINK]* It’s been a long time since the Panthers fans have seen a complete, nearly perfect performance. And last night we […]

Runaway Trains and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

There’s a great song by Soul Asylum called Runaway Train, but it wasn’t about this! Yes, you read it right. In a surprise bid for freedom, a Docklands Light Rail train escaped its operator at West India Quay station and went for a ride. Naturally, being the DLR and English, it dutifully came to a […]

Gay Sex Causes Global Warming?

Of course not. However, that’s the title of this great article. Though amusing, it’s also thought-provokingly profound. After all, you’ve got to love the truth in this comment: “The fact is that if climate change were caused by gay sex, or by the practice of eating kittens, millions of protesters would be massing in the […]

Scientists offered bribes to dispute Global Warming

The Guardian broke this story, which has since appeared elsewhere. I think, at this point, most people realize Global Warming is an issue. Scientists and economists have been offered $10,000 each by a lobby group funded by ExxonMobile in order to undermine a major climate change report (released 2-2-07). Travel expenses and additional payments were […]

Global Warming

Our “President” continues to insist global warming doesn’t exist. Yet this headline from today says otherwise. Melting ice threatens sea-level rise, shrunken polar glaciers, temps at 130,000-year highsExcerpt From Associated Press March 23, 2006 WASHINGTON – Already the Earth is shaking beneath melting ice as rising temperatures threaten to shrink polar glaciers and raise sea […]