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Gypsies In The Palace: Jimmy Buffet Concert Review

I saw the 2010 Summerzcool Tour final date at BankAtlantic center last night (27 Feb) with Evan, Brenda, Greg, Gaby, Mom, and Karen. We started at Renegade for and early dinner. We were there at 515, Karen followed two minutes later, John and Liz right after that. Evan and Brenda brought up the rear. I’ve […]

In life there are winners and….

I’m not sure how I feel about the name of the site, but this post is pretty awesome #99 Grammar. Bottom line is pretty much every group has grammatical morons. Judging from the comments on the Led Zeppelin post, stoned people have a far more difficult time grasping grammar. Even highfalutin executives can’t handle basic grammar. […]

Disc vs Disk

I am reminded of a long-term pet peeve by Spencer F Katt’s column in the 22 September 2008 issue of e-week magazine. In writing about technology there is both a Disc and a Disk. They are not interchangeable, and they don’t mean the same thing. Here’s a guide to getting it right. First, a Disc […]

Costly and Fatal Commas of Blasphemy

The first three items are excerpted and amended from the original at canongate. The fourth item is from my own blog. THE FATAL COMMACzarina Maria Fyodorovna once saved the life of a man by transposing a single comma in a warrant signed by her husband, Alexander III. On the bottom of the warrant the czar […]

Dear Editor, How’s Your Grammar?

The Miami Herald and daily fishwrapper has slipped to a new low today. 5 June 2007 Dear Editor: I have been a subscriber of the Miami Herald for well over 20 years and I read it almost every single day. Lately the numbers of errors in proofreading have been utterly appalling. I am not sure […]

Misplaced Comma costs $2.13 million dollars

Life is good. Yes, grammar has struck a blow for itself. Rogers Communications is expected to lose $2,130,000 because of a misplaced comma in a contract. Yes, the world’s most expensive comma. I always espouse good grammar and ridicule people who screw it up (normal typos excused). However this is what we call ‘priceless’ — […]


So, I was at Eric “Ptomaine” Hedlund’s blog earlier today. I go there now and again, despite the fact he posts in spurts and then doesn’t post for over a year. If he posted regularly, you can be sure he’d be in the blog link section on your right. You may remember Eric from several […]

Bush, Bullshit, Grammar, Ads, Used Computers, Sina, and Gorillaz

First, we have Matt Deatherage’s blog post about Bush’s service record. Originally CBS was accused of forging the documents. Only, well, they weren’t forged. I don’t want to steal Matt’s blogging efforts, so go here to read it. I am never above a shot at Bush either so here’s a quick (old) joke before I […]

OK, I’m pissed

Someone typed “IT’S” when they meant “ITS” and I flamed them. “I hate you” was the general reply. I created a response to that, and I was rather proud of it, so here it comes: People who can’t use an apostrophe properly aren’t entitled to hate. Hell, as far as I’m concerned, they shouldn’t even […]