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Hurry Up And Wait

Okay, let’s start with the news everyone’s been waiting for. Last night was an especially bad night after a not-so-bad day, so I was pretty glad I was going to the cardiologist today. I saw the cardiologist today after a way too long wait in the lobby. He pretty much confirmed all findings so far: […]

Updates and Such (Microsoft, Health, etc)

Let’s start with something that amuses me: A US federal court judge has banned Microsoft from selling Word over patent infringement claims and has added a $290 million dollar fine for willful infringement. Microsoft, of course, plans to appeal. This will be like the case where Apple sued them for stealing the trash-can on the […]

Brief Medical Update + Other Stuff

First, I am having a stress test on Monday. That alone is stressing me out. The doctor also sent a prescription in to Walgreens (I watched it transmit) only they don’t have it. So now, I have to wait a day to start. My doctor’s office is closed Thursday so I am concerned that I […]

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse….

…. It does. Just remember, you can be happy you don’t have my life :/ So today I went for my annual physical (for which I am two years behind schedule) during which they drew tons of blood, did an EKG, examined my prostate (my least favourite part), checked my weight, blood pressure, listened to […]