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Out Damned Cough

This cough sucks. Dry and hacky and it won’t go away. I hatesssssss it. It’s not as bad when I’m lying down in bed. Opposite of normal. Shout out to Tara. It’s okay: you can eat a PayDay bar if it makes you happy. This from Dave Higgins. It’s a subway map. But this one […]

Oh Damn

I wish this cough would go away. It makes me hurt. Dry, hacky, and makes my stomach and back muscles hurt. Maury shared this commercial with me. It will never even be considered to air in the US. The site’s in French, but the ad is in English, though you don’t have to speak a […]

A Joke and all sorts of newsbits

“I hate baby seals. They get invited to all the best clubs.” While it’s certainly in poor taste, I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard that one-liner. You are going to repeat it to someone. I just know it. Okay, now on with today’s entry. The FTC has instituted rules that will impact a lot […]

Hockey and Lips

I went to the local Urgent Care Centre last night and my stitches are infected. Yay me. Blech. I am now on an antibiotic and have to go back to have them removed tomorrow if all goes well. I hope so because they really hurt. They pretty much implied they weren’t installed properly, nor was […]

A Meeting with Michael Yormark

had the long awaited and thrice postponed meeting with Michael Yormark, COO at the Panthers. I had all sorts of expectations about who he was and how he might act based on my previous interactions with him, what I’ve read, and what I’ve heard about him. This morning I got a call at the office […]

A Night Out With The Matadors

This is a retro-post. I put this online 31 May 2009 using the date it was originally sent out. This was written for the fans of the Miami Matadors on my Matadors mailing list. I have corrected the spelling and re-formatted it for this blog, but it appears otherwise unedited. My Matador page still exists […]

Panther Fan Flashes Camera

A lot of people are hitting my blog looking for the above phrase. I am not sure why it’s matching because until I wrote this, there’s nothing related to it on my blog. However, the unofficial message board does have a thread on it. The official message board, apparently, thinks discussing fan behaviour and flashing […]

Random Stuff For Today

First, to those who give a shit, Happy Valentine’s Day. I currently do not. Sorry. Second, thanks to the many people who showed support on my previous quote about friends and family 🙂 Third, today skating was fun, though breakfast was so slow it was horrible. We got to the rink near 1040 instead of […]

A Meeting with Johnson, Martin, and Bettman

attended a small ‘conference’ with Chad Johnson (Senior VP sales & Marketing of the NHL Florida Panthers), Jacques Martin (the GM of the NHL Florida Panthers), and Gary Bettman (Commissioner of the NHL) before tonight’s game. It was an invitation only event and about 150 or so people were there. I did not take notes, […]

He Shoots, He Scores. Au revoir, Les Habs :)

Yeah, okay, let’s start with a hockey post. Richard Zednik (he of the slashed throat) scored one of the most amazing goals seen since “The Goal” scored by Billy Lindsay. View Zednik’s Goal Here [LINK]* It’s been a long time since the Panthers fans have seen a complete, nearly perfect performance. And last night we […]