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Let’s Buy Dick Cheney a Cheeseburger

Some clever chap has a brilliant idea which I am very keen on. This person states “I hereby declare April 13, 2007, is National Buy Dick Cheney a Cheeseburger Day. Millions of Americans will buy cheeseburgers, consume them, and then mail their receipts to Vice President Dick Cheney, to encourage him to chow down or […]

Jack And Bob

This is an old, old, old joke from my Boy Scout days. Two friends-for-life, Bob and Jack, lost touch with each other during boy scouts when one moved away. By chance, they ended up in the same college. They decide to go camping for old-time’s sake and to renew their friendship. On the appointed morning […]

A Cute Little Sigfile

 (__/)(=’.’=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste bunny into your(“)_(“) signature to help him gain world domination. This just totally appealed to my warped sense of humour. I thought I’d post it here for anyone to steal.

Cheney, Quail, Bush, Guns.

Actor/writer Steve Martin on The Huffington Post , took a satirical view of the recent shooting by our vice-dunderhead and bumberclod, Dick(less) Cheney. “Vice President Dick Cheney, while hunting wild geese in the Rose Garden, accidentally shot President Bush twice, once in the heart and once in the head. ‘I didn’t really shoot the President […]

Best Blonde Joke Ever

All right, I was trying to think of something to update my blog with and well, frankly, I was still cold but another post about that would suck even though it is expected to get into the 30s in some areas overnight. A freaking freeze warning in Miami of all places. Damn. This is THE […]

So very damned British

This exchange is from Planet Damnation. I am posting it here because it’s so fabulously British it defies explanation to anyone who hasn’t experienced Britishness at its finest. The setting is the first Gulf War. RAF Wing Commander David Farquahar had a briefcase with a laptop containing the entire Gulf War briefing plans. Said briefcase […]

I don’t wanna’ be an American Idiot*….

http://tinyurl.com/an97r I am deeply amused and deeply appalled at the same time. However, I must side with Toyota, because deep down I know they are right. And deep down, you know they’re right too. This speaks volumes about our country and where our priorities are — and have been for some time. We’re not educating […]

A Vulgar Musical Interlude

First, the world famous and very ribald Hedgehog Song (as seen in Terry Pratchett’s works) http://tinyurl.com/8azkx Second, we have Maxwell’s Silver Hammer by the Beatles unlike you’ve ever seen it.http://tinyurl.com/86eo4 I hope this improves your weekend considerably. — E

Rob’s Blog and a catchy tune (Pluma-Pluma)

You’ve just got to see this. These are from my friend Rob’s blog. This was just too rich for an e-mail and I thought it should be here permanently. The links are now listed out here in-full for your viewing pleasure, and more importantly these are the original videos and not the edited ones that […]

Ritchie’s Revenge

WARNING: Do not drink liquid whilst reading this post. I am not responsible for damage to your surroundings. You’ve been warned. Last night, my mother called with 2:07 left on the clock in the Steelers v Jets game (JETS SUCK). I told her I was watching football. All my friends and relatives know that is […]