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Today’s Random Activities

Had nothing to do and I’ve been trying to keep busy. Woke up and called John at 10am as planned. Went over and saw his new house. It’s really nice and still looks like everyone’s house does when unpacked. But it’s got a great layout, the neighbourhood’s nice. Huge kitchen, and so on. I met […]

More Identity Theft Stuff — Personal Not Corporate

I am about to be sued. I got a call from Mr Trinidad at Wagner & Hunt, P.A, a collections attorney in Margate. After a very bad start — can you imagine any other kind? — I come to find out I have supposedly co-signed for an American Express card with someone who owes Amex […]

Corporate Identity Theft Continues

There’s so much more now. This morning at 850am I received a call from Kathy at the AT&T Fraud department who said our lines were still being forwarded (which didn’t seem right because I can call myself and it rings at the office). She refused to call to fix it, saying that she wasn’t authorized. […]

Corporate Identity Theft, Losing an SUV, Celebrity Deaths

First, RIP to ex-heartthrob Farrah Fawcett of Charlies Angels fame who died earlier today of cancer. Many of my friends and I were fond of looking at her iconic poster from the late 1970s / early 1980s. The poster is one of the most iconic, if not the most iconic one of its era. She’ll […]

Identity Theft : Just When You Thought It Was Over

I got a call at work today from a credit card company. On 11 February someone applied for a credit card online. On the plus side there’s an IP address. Also, blocking your credit report helps. I received a call at work to confirm I applied for said card. They call the address on the […]

Breaking News On Identity Theft

I came home to a phone message from a South Florida police agency (to be named later) that someone has been arrested with oodles of my personal information and asking if I’ve been the victim of Identity Theft. I missed the detective in question, but I left him a detailed voice mail and told him […]

Identity Theft (Final Chapter)

Just a bit more. I spoke to the detective in question. I can’t really say too much. The person arrested IS a bank employee at BankAtlantic — as I suspected. He had the names and details of a LOT of people. He was captured with the help of BankAtlantic (yay) and many months ago, you […]

Stuff. Fraud. Car. Food. Etc.

Thanks to Jay for dinner at PrimeBlue this evening. Never heard of it, but it was a fine meal. Too much food was ordered but we’re both at fault. I absolutely am learning to loathe iDrive as it sucks ass. It’s clearly the “Microsoft” design philosophy: counter-intuitive at every turn. But I mostly like my […]