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Suckitude: The Legacy of BMW’s iDrive

I hate the iDrive in my BMW with a passion. It goes against all common sense. Specifically, a new invention should work the way people think or it becomes a distraction. While you’re driving, that’s deadly. iDrive is BMW’s stupid control-knob which you turn, press, or push/pull in one of four directions to make things […]

A Lazy Sunday

First, Robert Lynn Asprin, author of the Myth series of novels as well as the Phule’s Company series of novels is dead from natural causes in New Orleans. He died in May in bed whilst reading a Terry Pratchett novel. I just found out when I got my new issue of Locus Magazine. Second, Adrian […]

Various Stuff

No news on fraud. iDrive sucks. It’s the one thing about my new car that sucks ass. I really hate it more with each passing day. I like my car but not the iDrive disaster. Chiropractor visit today was helpful. StateFarm appears to be paying doctor’s bills through July so need for lawyer is shrinking. […]

Stuff. Fraud. Car. Food. Etc.

Thanks to Jay for dinner at PrimeBlue this evening. Never heard of it, but it was a fine meal. Too much food was ordered but we’re both at fault. I absolutely am learning to loathe iDrive as it sucks ass. It’s clearly the “Microsoft” design philosophy: counter-intuitive at every turn. But I mostly like my […]