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Having Sex With Your Hand (And Not Making A Mess)

Yeah, before we get to the subject line, let me first mention a few real stories. The most admired and trusted company in the world is? Apple Computer. Forbes, who conducted the survey says “this year generated the highest response rate in its history … For the third straight year Apple takes the No. 1 […]

Post 800 – Rapture!

This is, as far as my count shows, really post 800. I did a count and sync and I do believe this is the real deal. 800 posts and over 250,000 visitors. I think that makes my blog popular, though why continues to be a big mystery. Today’s first entry (all edited to preserve privacy) […]

A Visit Avec Mom

Flew up CO and we boarded on time, sat on the tarmac for twenty for an engine check, and were off after that. Arrived twenty late due to late departure, but we had an unusual flight path right near Disney, so had a nice view of everything. Pilot was like twelve years old and that […]

Two Days On

Let’s start with something “normal” — this was sent to me by my friend Dan (he’s a musician). It’s some kid singing a cover the Police’s Roxanne. He’s about 13, has a voice that will blow you away and plays both the guitar and drums. Phenomenal. And he’s even having a good time. Click here. […]

Little fan’s final joy sees Ottawa Senators off to Cup

Okay, I am rarely moved to tears. This one got me. What a fantastic piece, and it’s a very sad story — bittersweet and poignant. You’ve got a three-year old with a terminal illness and a bunch of hockey players. It proves some athletes can do good things for good people in unfortunate circumstances. A […]