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My London Dream Shot to Hell

As you know London consistently ranks among the top 5 most expensive cities in the world. I’ve also expressed my long-standing desire to retire there on my 65th birthday. Although that desire has not changed, the reality has been sinking in. On my last trip, I did research and found some very small places way […]

Screw The Terrorists: Kill ’em all and let God sort it out

Another bad day — at least it was for normal people everywhere. It’s stories like this that make you think genocide isn’t the worst idea ever. How on earth can someone think blowing ten airplanes full of innocent people out of the sky is a smashing-good idea? What is the mind-set for that? How can […]

London Rocked

I had a great time in London. I rode the tube and I survived. I was a little nervous the first time. I was a certainly a bit apprehensive on the Piccadilly line the first day it was open, especially as I exited at Russell Square. However all-in-all, it was a great trip. Just so […]

True to My Word

I am still off to London tomorrow, and my plans will barely change. (Due to the fact some tube lines aren’t operating, there is by necessity some alternate travel plans needed.) Kudos to those who are going with me, and piss on those who backed off solely due to fear. Shame will turn your heart […]

Screw The Terrorists Redux

Oh boy, here we go again*. I am getting tired of exploding trains. Another series of bombs went off in London this morning. This time there were no fatalities and only one injury, not apparently serious. One was a ‘bomb and run’ where the bomber tossed a rucksack inside a tube train as the doors […]

Screw the terrorists….

First, and foremost, my thoughts are with those in London who are reeling from the terrorist attack today 7-7. It is truly a tragedy and I’m sorry any human being has to go through that sort of ordeal. The only solace is that it could have been much, much worse. Those that have perpetrated this […]